Chipotle Lease Executed at City Vista

The long rumored deal for Chipotle to take over the former City Vista Sales center is finally done. The lease has been executed. All retail spaces at City Vista are now under lease.

The final roster is:

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  1. 2

    FourthandEye says

    @cbr – that was formerly T-Mobile Limited – it’s now under build out to be Ryse N Shine.

  2. 3

    cvguy47 says

    Has it been confirmed that Michael Landrum’s second lease will be a Ray’s the Steaks? I thought he hadn’t confirmed what would be going in that space.

  3. 4

    FourthandEye says

    Sorry it should be Hellburger. I just had a brain freeze and typed the wrong thing. Will correct the post when I get back to my PC.

  4. 5


    its Capital One. We are really ending up with quite a fabulous mix! hopefully it’ll spread when the Steuarts get going on the giant parking lot.

  5. 6

    Dan Maceda says

    Ryse N Shine (Cafe/Bakery) – targeted Spring opening
    Ray’s Hellburger – targeted summer opening
    Are spring and summer still the targeted dates?
    Have they gotten any permits for either?
    Just askin

  6. 7

    FourthandEye says

    @Dan – The targeted openings were according to the MVT CID Property Manager meeting minutes from January. Opening dates are always a moving target.