Straight from the Farm to your door

In the comments on the 924 5th Street NW update a reader mentioned a delivery based alternative for residents who crave fresh local food. She vouched for the Ruckersville Virginia based Arganica Farm Club which makes deliveries to DC client every Thursday night. This reminded me of a similar Community Supported Agriculture service called Big White Barn that a Madrigal Lofts resident was coordinating a group membership on via our building listserv. In the past I know I’ve heard people mention they use Potomac Vegetable Farms.

Consider this an open thread to discuss the various Farm share delivery services. Who uses suchs a service? Which one do you use? What feedback can you share? Looking for comments from downtown residents who have used the services and can offer testimonials.

This is not an invitation for companies that find the posting via Google search to spam.

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