Update on 924 5th Street

At this month’s ANC6C Planning Zoning & the Environment Committee meeting the owner of 924 5th Street NW outlined his renovation concept. The building is considered a contributing structure to the Mount Vernon Triangle Historic District and changes to the exterior are subjected to the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) for approval.

The owner, who is a SVP at a commercial real estate firm, bought this property at auction in late 2009 and is managing this renovation as his own project under the title of 5K LLC. The renovation is being done on spec to improve a structure that has been vacant for over a decade and is in a decrepit state. The plan calls for demolishing a one story rear wing and erecting a four-story rear addition to the three-story building. The final product will be a 4 story building in which the top floor is setback and not visible from the street.

The improvements to the building are aimed at attracting both retail and office tenants. A few possible configurations are in play in which either the ground floor or the two lower floors could be leased to retail tenants. Depending on the retail outcome either 2 or 3 of the upper floors would be leased as office space. The owner suggested we may one day see a two story restaurant in the building or possibly one retailer on the ground floor and a different retailer on the 2nd floor as this blog suggested in the past. The structure will have roughly 1750 SF per floor with the top floor having less due to the required setback for the addition.

Attendees at the meeting mentioned the thread we had with 55 comments back in late 2009 proposing possible retail options for the site. Pet store and Nail salon continued to be a strong theme. 555 Mass alone is estimated to have around ~100 pet owners. Let’s reignite the brainstorming on retail wishes for the building. Italian restaurant spanning two floors? Pet Store on the ground floor and nail salon on the second floor? What are your ideas?

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  1. 2

    FourthandEye says

    Another option: What about a market like the P&C Market at 1023 E Capitol Street? Gourmet food to supplement what Safeway is lacking.

    According to the Citypaper P&C Market offers:
    “Mariage Frères loose leaf teas, chocolates from Michel Cluizel and Askinosie, bagels and scones from Uptown Bakery, various beef and pork products from Polyface Farms, coffee beans from Central Roasters, and a variety of artisinal cheeses from New York and elsewhere. Oh and this: P&C offers a line of gourmet sandwiches, too.”

  2. 4

    MVTResident says

    True Michael — unpretentious bars are always nice but that location would be problematic since it is just below bedroom windows. Where would the smokers stand? The Cosmopolitan up the street has endless problems with Muse Lounge because of its location next door and the noise it generates outside at night.

    With Busboys, Kushi, Mandu and Buddha Bar in the neighborhood, our drinking needs are pretty well taken care of (not to mention Penn Quarter and The Passenger nearby). What we need is more neighborhood retail to enliven the street.

  3. 5

    Tony says

    I still like the combination coffee/wine bar idea. A coffee bar during the day, which converts to a wine bar after 5pm.

  4. 6

    Jason says

    We need a Caribou Coffee or a quality sit down pizza place like Red Rocks or Pete’s Apizza.

  5. 7

    LResident says

    Some sort of frozen treat place whether it be Cold Stone Creamery, Ben & Jerry’s, a Gelato place or Frozen Yogurt franchise.

  6. 8


    Like the coffee/wine bar combo. Or maybe coffee on one floor and wine on the other. Pound coffee – I know you aren’t terribly far away at FL & NY Ave’s but this would be a great location along with the coming Capitol Hill loca!

  7. 14

    Cheryl says

    I wish there was a stationary shop, like Hallmark or Papyrus in the district. I can think of a ton of places within 10 blocks to get ice cream/gelato/yogurt, several places to get Italian food, and a whole bunch more where you can get a drink, but with Trover and Borders closing I don’t know anyplace nearby to get cards, wrapping paper, etc. and it’s one of the few supply sorts of things that’s hard to shop for online. (vs., say, pet food & supplies which you can get from Amazon with free shipping).

    Fourthandeye – did you know you can get that stuff delivered to your door with an Arganica membership? We have one and love it.

  8. 17

    Vanessa says

    I would second the wine bar!!! Something similar to Cork… It is too packed and too far to get over there but I would love to see a nice rustic wine bar with some small plates.

  9. 19


    I totally, totally agree with @Cheryl. one can always go to CVS and though Union Station isn’t as far as G’town, a dedicated store provides great variety and would fill a niche that has yet to be filled in the MVT or in the Penn Quarter/Downtown.

  10. 21

    early-byrd says

    The other night I heard that there IS a coffee shop/bakery going in near Ace Hardware/Safeway; I believe it was said to be Ray’s the Steaks? Is this confirmed? We DEFINITELY need a coffee shop (not another Starbucks, please) AND a good bakery (I’ve been hunting all around for excellent breakfast pastries).

  11. 22

    FourthandEye says

    @early-byrd – Yes, that’s true. We reported on it in October of last year. Next to the Safeway will be a cafe/bakeshop from Michael Landrum named “Ryse” or possibly “Ryse and Shine”.

    Landrum also executed a second lease for the space on K Street between Mandu and the entrance to the future Vida Gym. That will be a Ray’s the Steaks.

    This tag below links to all past coverage of our Michael Landrum related news: