John Wall’s Crib

Earlier this week the Washingtonpost shared a closeup profile of John Wall and his life at his downtown DC apartment. The Wapo content included a photo gallery and a video. In some circles he’s being criticized admitting in the article he drives two blocks to work. But if you’re a celebrity who will draw a crowd of autograph hounds I can’t really blame ya…

While his apartment was not mentioned by name I think the view of I-395 and the high end finishings scream Ashton Judiciary Square.

Image Credit: Toni L. Sandys / Washington Post

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  1. 1

    Paul H says

    Yup–I saw this, too. And you are correct. I used to live at the neighboring Mass Court apartments and that is the same view from their rooftop pool deck. (I’m guessing Mr. Wall’s place is a wee bit nicer than was my Mass Court apartment.)

  2. 3

    Skinnytobeindc says

    Watching the video…how lame is this guy? Too nice of a place for him I think. Ashton JS is classier than this.

  3. 4

    FourthandEye says

    @Skinnytobeindc – Wall just turned 20 a couple of months ago. He’s just a kid. A rich kid but a kid nonetheless.