Urban Grit

A friend and I were discussing NYC in planning a March trip. One subject that came up in discussing the energy in Manhattan was Urban Grit. We both appreciate  a little grit although I’m perhaps a little more particular on what grit I think brings something to the table in a good way than she is.

What are your thoughts on Urban Grit?

Do you like a little "Urban Grit"?

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I’ve started a discussion two lists of Good and Bad Urban Grit below. Feel free to debate or add to the lists in the comments.


  • Graffiti Art, Guerilla Art or Murals – not gang signs of course. Art such as the Guerilla art on the 400 Block of NY Ave.
  • Old Weathered Brick or Cobblestones
  • Water Towers on top of old buildings
  • Some Industrial Character – personally I’d find a view of railyards, shipping cranes or old brick warehouses more interesting than the sterile Washington Monument. (Albeit not great for resale)


  • Trash/Litter everywhere – litter everywhere sucks. I’m also not a fan of the fact all the Chinatown NYC trash collection is done on the curb of the streets. Think mounds of black trash bags on the sidewalk.
  • Odor – Dowisetrepla or otherwise
  • Chain Link fences
  • Prostitutes
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    MVTResident says

    Public drinking and urination — bad list. Public displays of eccentricity — good list.

  2. 4


    Bad – dookie pies, chicken bones, used rubbers, puking hobos, crappy vacant dumps badly boarded up. i love urban art and ive got no problem with the rogue 😉 i also like cranes, railroad tracks, etc…