Better With Ezra?

UPDATED (2/2/11): While the owner of this property is a SVP at the Ezra Company (a commercial real estate firm) this is his own project and will be filed under the name 5K LLC.

In early 2009 the contents of the old High G Paint building at 924 5th Street were kicked to the curb. Later that year Mark Brody of the Ezra Company purchased the property for just $310,000 (possibly at auction). Shortly thereafter our readers chimed in with their desires for potential retail at the property. With so many suggestions we thought a two story approach had merit.

There is finally an indication that renovation is on the horizon with the property. A recent notice for the January Historic Preservation Review Board meeting has 924 5th Street on the docket.

Mount Vernon Triangle Historic District: 924 5th Street, NW, HPA #11-107, concept/four-story rear addition to three-story building and demolition of one story rear wing

The HPO meeting takes place January 27th at 10am in Room 220 of One Judiciary Square (441 4th Street NW).[Updated: HPO pushed to the February meeting]. We should learn more details after the hearing. My bet would be a small office project.

Just for fun, what was your favorite track from 90’s Alt Rock band Better than Ezra?

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  1. 1

    FourthandEye says

    Apparently 924 5th Street NW has been removed from January’s HPRB Agenda. Will see if it returns in February.

  2. 2

    RobA says

    Yes, HPRP did not notify ANC6C with sufficient notice as required to review the project and the hearing was delayed. It is now on the February 2nd Planning, Zoning, and Environment Committee agenda and will be before the Full ANC 6C on February 9th.

  3. 3

    MVTResident says

    Yes — 555 only found out about the project due to the agenda notice. We certainly look forward to the property improving but would like to have a dialogue about construction hours, etc… since it is next to bedroom windows.

  4. 4

    RobA says

    Please make sure you attend next week’s ANC 6C Planning, Zoning, and Environment Committee meeting to discuss any issues you may have with the project. It’s on 2/2 at 7:00 pm at NPR [635 Massachusetts Ave NW]. The item is first on the agenda.