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Last night we were lucky enough to take advantage of the pre-opening mock service at the new location of Mandu at City Vista. Doors will open for regular service on Monday January 24th at 5pm.

The interior of the restaurant is wider than one might expect from the outside and a mezzanine level Mandu created for additional seating really maximizes the space. Upon entering the hostess station is on the right while to the left a long cozy bar area occupies the area below the mezzanine level. The decor stays true to the interior renderings we shared in early October. The color scheme features white walls, dark woods that add a warm intimate feel and vibrant green seating for that pop of color. A striking zebrawood ceiling contributes an interesting architectural focal point. HGTV-junkies may notice that the infamous pink geese Antonio Ballatore scored big points with on Design Star Season 4 have been cloned in green and installed on Mandu’s largest wall (pic).

As pleasant as the atmosphere at Mandu is the true stars are the food and Soju-tini cocktails. Mandu takes its name from the Korean word for dumplings, which are offered on the appetizer menu steamed or pan-fried and filled with either meat, shrimp or vegetables. The menu offers a solid variety of items to please both vegetarians and carnivores. Soups and Salads are large enough to be entrees. A bowl called Bibambap is a popular item with a rice, meat, and veg combination mixed with a raw or fried egg. Items from the grill include marinated ribeye (bulgogi), chicken (dak gui), spiced pork (dwejee bulgoki) and short ribs (kalbi) each served with rice and mixed vegetables.

10.31.08 Mandu-bibimbap

Bibimbap at Mandu; Image Credit: Nodame on Flickr

The general verdict from the guests at my table and neighbors from the community I chatted with at the mock service was that the food was quite delicious. Mandu represents yet another outstanding addition to City Vista and the Mount Vernon Triangle.

453 K Street NW
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 289-6899

Operating hours:
11 AM to 1 AM – Mon to Sat
11 AM to 12 AM – Sun


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