Douglas Development Square 451 Project Update

Paul Millstein of Douglas Development spoke at Tuesday night’s MVSNA meeting to provide details about their imminent projects on the 600 Block of K Street and NY Ave (Squares 450 & 451) as well as the apartment project at 450 K Street.

The discussion did not reveal many new details above and beyond what the City Paper’s recap of this month’s ANC 2C meeting included. The new information I did learn was quickly recapped by Urbanturf yesterday. Rather than write a very similar recap to Urbanturf’s I’ve chosen to focus on images of properties involved in the plans for Square 451.

Rough mockup of proposed plan - click to enlarge

The plan calls for the eastern dividing line of the project to be the alley that runs between 607 and 611 K Street to New York Ave. Four historic facades on the K Street block would be preserved and clustered together. This will meaning relocating two facades, including the former Hartig Motors building at 627 K Street, by a couple hundred feet.

On the New York Avenue frontage the small former Hodges sandwich shop will be physically relocated across the street. District Crossfit and two adjacent structures would be demolished. Douglas will arrange to relocate the gym to another one of their nearby properties. The owner of the townhouse at 628 New York Ave NW will not sell so they are moving forward with plans to build around it.

618, 620 and 624 New York Ave NW will be razed

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  1. 1

    Dan Maceda says

    Thanks for the update . Just a thought. Why not move the former hodges sandwich shop now and the Waffle shop too.both would certainly be profitable in a neighborhood this close to the Convention Center and the obvious success of Taylors . My guess is that they are hoping it deteriorates to the point that the attempt to move it causes it to collapse. I hear they are looking for a restaurant for 7th and NY ave but I also know from people interested in the location and other Douglass properties supposedly available for lease that phone calls are never returned.

  2. 2

    OctaviusIII says


    According to one of the five articles I’ve read on this (big development news!), Douglas is looking for a high-end (but not too high-end) tenant for NE corner of 7th & NY, something akin to an Apple Store in cachet. I’m not surprised, actually: MVSquare is going to be hot stuff in 3-5 years, what with the streetcar, improvements to the Library and Convention Center, the hotel at 9th & Mass, and the redevelopment of the NPR site, so having something anchoring that corner is important to drawing foot traffic up NY.