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Our local bike shop BicycleSPACE at 459 Eye Street NW is featured on the current Groupon deal that is available until midnight on Monday. The deal offers a deep discount on either a bicycle tune-up or overhaul.

Groupon describes the deal options as follows:

  • For $119, you get one bicycle overhaul (a $249 value). An overhaul provides all of the chassis pampering of the tune-up described below, plus a replacement of cables and housing including parts, and new bearings and greasing on hubs, headset, and bottom bracket. In addition, the entire drivetrain will be taken off the bicycle and thoroughly cleaned, resulting in crisper gear changes and silent operation perfect for sneaking up on scooter-riding deer.
  • For $48, you get one bicycle tune-up (a $99 value). This option provides your rigs with handlebar to rear-reflector rehabilitation. Two-wheelers are worked over from the inside out, with treatments including an adjustment of the front and rear derailleurs and brakes, cable lubrication, and realignment of bearings in hubs, headset, and bottom brackets (excluding cartridge bearings). Wobbly wheels are straightened and the frame is wiped down to ensure the bike stuns as much with appearance as it does with performance.
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