Taylor Brings Home the Bread

Earlier this week City Paper contributor Scott Reitz went into great detail investigating the bread sourcing practices of select local restaurants. The focal point of the article was that Taylor Gourmet, who had marketed their authenticity since inception by touting they shipped in Sarcone’s rolls daily, had stopped sourcing bread from the Philadelphia bakery in September. Taylor responded Thursday night on their blog that the move to a local baker was made to reduce their carbon footprint and reliability of supply.

Image credit: Bon Appetit Foodie

Did any of you notice the switch? I eat at Taylor fairly regularly and noticed a dip in quality for a few weeks in December where I thought the rolls where fluffy rather a hearty and crusty. But both before and since that period I’ve found the rolls to have been as satisfying as I had come to expect.

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  1. 1

    suicide_blond says

    Buying local makes sense…and I think it perseveres, pardon the pun, the local flavor of regional specialties etc… i WANT Baltimore crab cakes to taste dif. from ones I get in Charleston…and I like that Philly sandwiches taste a wee bit dif from the ones in DC…. That said…. I have never had anything at Taylor that wasn’t wonderful… and I eat there far tooooo often :-)

  2. 2

    Dan Maceda says

    Buying local makes sense but wonder just what is considered local? Is this bakery within the District? Which other businesses do they supply if any?

  3. 3


    I think this is an improvement, environmentally and physically. the imported bread was kinda tough, eating it was a workout! especially later at night.