“Awesome Thursdays” pairs great comedy with great beer

Every Thursday over a dozen amateur comics and a crowd of nearly 100 anxious fans pack into the dimly lit back room at RFD in Chinatown for “Awesome Thursdays,” an underground comedy group featuring anything-but-family-friendly hilarious stand-up acts, great beer from RFD, and a jovial atmosphere.

Ralph Cooper, one of the hosts of Awesome Thursdays, tells a joke between stand-up acts.

Awesome Thursdays brings an open-mic night feel to stand-up comedy, resulting in a tremendously entertaining and hilarious show that brings comedians of practically every style and gimmick of comedy together. Experience levels of the amateur comics range from “this is my first night so I’ve written a few helpful reminders on a piece of paper” to those nearly ready for a feature gig at the DC Improv and everything in between. The sheer diversity of the comics to be seen at Awesome Thursdays is amazing, and the 5-7 minute short sets the comics perform ensures that it’s a rarity for more than a few minutes to pass without hearing a great joke. Between acts Brad Ryan and Ralph Cooper, the hosts and resident stand-up comedians of Awesome Thursdays, take a few moments to tell some jokes of their own before introducing the next comic.

The comedy club is based out of RFD’s back room, so getting to the show is a bit like entering a New Orleans speakeasy. Just walk right into RFD in Chinatown on Thursday night, walk past the bar, past the kitchen, through the spacious outdoor patio, and past a couple sets of restrooms before winding up at Awesome Thursdays. While the comedy acts may not be family friendly, just being in the back room for the show certainly makes you feel like you’re part of a family due to the great atmosphere. If that wasn’t enough, Awesome Thursdays has no cover charge and no drink minimum.

Brad and Ralph have been hosting Awesome Thursdays since they founded the group in July 2010 after meeting at a comedy class at the DC Improv. This year they plan on doing four feature shows as well as a couple stand-up shows to benefit a local charitable organization.

Along with the comedy, the back room has its own bar stocked with RFD’s great beer selection, perfect for grabbing quick drinks between comics without having to wait your turn at the main bar. Comedy fans can also order food from the back room to make a dinner and a show out of Awesome Thursdays.

If you’re interested in a hilarious and inexpensive night out I would highly recommend checking out DC’s truly awesome underground comedy club with Awesome Thursdays at RFD.

Awesome Thursdays are at RFD in Chinatown (810 7th Street NW) every Thursday night of 2011. Shows start at 8:30 p.m. and doors to the back room open at 7:30 p.m. If you think you can cut it as a stand-up comic, you can sign up for a 5-7 minute timeslot by e-mailing awesomethursdays@gmail.com.

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  1. 1

    Jennifer says

    I’ve been to Awesome Thursdays a couple of times and I can say there is no better open mic in the city.

  2. 2

    Jamaine says

    Being a childhood friend of Ralph Cooper, I initially went to show my support, but now I go to heckle him a little. It’s a great time and the atmosphere is great. I don’t mind the drink specials either.