Mount Vernon Square becoming the epicenter of electric cars in DC

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425 Mass will offer two reserved parkings spaces to charge electric vehicles.

In the not so distant future Mount Vernon Square residents will be able to buy a brand new Tesla Roadster all-electric car and charge it up at the new charging station available in the parking garage of 425 Mass Apartments, all without leaving the neighborhood.

In addition to the Tesla service and sales store opening at 1050 K St. NW, 425 Mass Apartments will soon activate their brand new two-vehicle electric car charging station.

425 Mass Apartments recently partnered with Miami-based Car Charging Group, Inc. to install an electric vehicle charging station that will offer residents of the apartment community either 110v or 220v charging options for electric cars such as the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, or Tesla Roadster. The apartment complex has reserved two parking spaces in their basement garage for electric vehicle owners to use the charger, capable of charging two cars at once (one at 110v and one at 220v).

Equity Apartments, the owner of 425 Mass Apartments, chose to install the charger in this complex (as opposed to one of the other 45 communities they own in the DC metro area) because they believe the residents of 425 Mass are sophisticated, socially conscious, and early adopters of new technology.

The price tag to install the $8,000 charging unit could not have come at a better price for 425 Mass: free. Car Charging Group, Inc. is providing the unit free of charge to the apartment building and will share the revenue generated by the charger with 425 Mass.

Though no price has been made official, residents of 425 Mass will be able to charge their electric vehicles for approximately $3.50 an hour to use the faster 220v charger. To put that in perspective, a Tesla Roadster would take about seven hours to fully charge at 220v, meaning a full battery would cost you about $25. Andy Kinard, President of Car Charging Group, Inc. estimates that use of the 110v charger will cost about a quarter of the 220v charger. The charger itself will be available to be rented by the hour and will be payable by credit card. 425 Mass expects to open the charger for public use sometime in the future.

Interestingly enough, Tesla Motors only has one registered owner in DC, though that may change as Mount Vernon Square takes the lead in electric car infrastructure.

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