425 Mass to have 1st residential electric vehicle charging station in the DC

Shortly after posting the item on Tesla Motors I was contacted this morning regarding a noteworthy related event. This Wednesday Janunary 12th the 425 Mass Apartments is holding a press conference to announce that they will be opening the FIRST residential electric vehicle charging station in the District of Columbia.

Benefits of electric cars include reduced fuel costs and lower fuel consumption, not to mention the concept at its core is dedicated to a sustainable environment and an economically strong, energy-independent America. Policymakers have recognized electric vehicles as a vital factor of environment and national security policies, encouraging adoption of this cutting-edge technology by providing tax credits and other financial incentives. By teaming up with Car Charging Group, Inc. to provide the first car charging station to DC residents, 425 Mass hopes to encourage the technology, as well.

Tesla Motors has agreed to provide a couple of Tesla Roadster cars at Wednesday’s event for the purpose of demonstrating how the charging station and electric cars work together.

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