Poll: Name the 2nd & Mass building

I’ve heard the all black office building at 2nd & Mass NW referred to both as the “Darth Vadar building” and more recently the “Death Star”. Which do you prefer, do you have any other suggestions?

Building on 2nd Street NW between H and Massachusetts

What is the best nickname for the building pictured above?

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  1. 4

    John Thompson says

    Eh. It’s not that bad – it’ll blend in once the Dryfuss project & WM go up. If I had my way though, I’d give it a facadomy & freshen it up a bit. I walk by on my way home from class a lot & like the wide sidewalk and trees in front of it on Mass Ave. More landscaping + 1st floor retail would serve it well, especially during the upcoming surrounding construction.

  2. 5

    Bruce says

    Why would anyone think that “the Death Star” is an appropriate name for this building? You don’t need to be a Star Wars fan to know that the Death Star’s defining characteristic is that it’s a big round thing. This building is not only rectangular-ish, it’s actually noteworthy for its blockiness. The color is completely different, as well.

    You might as well call it “the Jefferson Memorial,” in reference to another light-colored round thing.

  3. 9

    Bruce says

    “The Borg” is brilliant, though I think “the Borg Cube” works better. I’ll probably call the building that regardless of how this poll turns out.

    Can I change my vote?