2010 Year in Review

This past year was a busy year for the neighborhood and the blog. The blog published 317 postings, migrated to a new domain and WordPress layout, and increased page view traffic by more than 40%. On occasion our postings made a small but immediate difference as a treebox hazard in Chinatown that had existed for years was fixed soon after we finally ranted about it. We also put forth our best efforts to provide a platform for meaningful informed discussion of the ANC6C01 election this fall.

The neighborhood survived Snowmageddon until it became Snowverkill, saw Fourth Street Reconfiguration completed, and received two Capital Bikeshare stations in DDOT’s initial rollout. We unfortunately lost the unofficial mayor of downtown, Miles Groves, far too soon but it was befitting to see the Cosmopolitan Condominium honor his memory outside their front door.

Without further adieu here’s the listing of highlights of the past year:



Open for Business

The Promise of More to Come

A few of my other notable posts

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The Most viewed posts

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  3. NoMA Harris Teeter to Open this Fall
  4. Pho DC coming to Chinatown
  5. Walmart Renderings

Most Comments

  1. City Vista Results Gym to Close (49)
  2. Walmart at NJ & H (40)
  3. NoMa Harris Teeter to Open this Fall (32)
  4. NoMa Harris Teeter Opens tonight (28)
  5. Outdoor Movie Night (24)

Past year end recaps were written for 2008 and 2009 and may be noteworthy to any new readers who found this posting valuable.

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