The new sports bar/lounge Redline has been open for a few weeks at 707 G Street NW. The venue features over 33 plasma screen TVs, a 22 foot sports ticker, two popular Vegas-style “sportsbook” electronic boards and booths with self-serve beer taps.

Celebs Gabrielle Union and Hill Harper were both at Redline last Friday night when Usher was performining across the street at the Verizon Center. What’s the verdict on Redline so far from the locals?

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    The AMT says

    The food was good, but not mind-blowingly so, and the price point on it is probably a bit high. The table taps are probably the best deal in the place price-wise (if you know how to pour and don’t fill your glass with foam, anyway). The place is huge, and if you can’t find whatever game you’re looking for there, odds are it’s not on TV.

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    KP says

    Have been going there to watch Sunday football (3 out of the last 4 weeks). Food is good, but overpriced. Beers/drinks from the bar is priced a little higher than it should be (prices have gone up since it opened). Best bet is to get a table tap like the previous poster (but even that went up by .15 cents…still a great deal though).

    1)They need to start posting what games are going to be where so that you can sit appropriately
    2)They need to improve their website to allow booking online and if you do make a reservation for a booth for a 1:00 game make sure you specify you want it for the entire day or make 2 seperate reservations
    3)They need to have some drink specials on Sundays

    But its nice to have a bar like this that shows all the games.

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    Chris555Mass says

    I have been twice since it opened. It’s a nice option for the neighborhood – especially compared to some of the divey places like Rocket Bar (AKA Frat House Basement). And it’s a huge improvement (and better use of the space) over Indebleu. I agree the food is good but not knock-your-socks off, and the beer selection is good. It would be nice if you could book ahead and arrange for your beer of choice at the tap booths. When we went there was Bud Light and Stella Artois (Belgian Bud Light) so I ordered from the waitress instead. Also, they definitely have many of the management kinks to work out. When I was there for over two hours the soap was out in the men’s room and despite me telling the staff about it several times, when I left there was still no soap. NASTY!!! I can only hope the staff have a separate bathroom (with soap.)

  4. 4


    the three most important parts of a sports bar for me…

    1) wings were good
    2) beer was cold
    3) game of choice was on

    Redline is radically different from Indebleu as one never knew how much space and exposed brick there was to be had. it’s a nice add (or transformation) to the neighborhood, in my view.