Message from Keith Silver

The following is a note from ANC Commissioner Keith Silver on ANC Election 6C01 he has requested I share:

Looking at these same election results: “I take this time to …thank the Electorate for their votes…further reinforcing the fact we remain a Democracy “OF” …the People… “BY”… the People…and “FOR” … the People”.

Again, my humble THANKS to THE VOTERS… for the fact, my Campaign of “ANC Experience and Proven Track Record” … Resonated “WITH” …the People!

Continued Best Wishes to Everyone 6C01: as collectively we build on this firm foundation and continue to strive…to make 6c-01 a “Model Single Member District”

Thank you all,

I’ve also learned that the challenger in the recent election, Marge Maceda, will be nominated by Keith at the January meeting to serve on two ANC subcommittees next year.

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