HGTV Real Estate Intervention Episode at Madrigal Lofts is Now Online

The HGTV episode of Real Estate Intervention that aired last week spotlighting a Madrigal Lofts condo is now available as an online video.

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  1. 1

    Scott says

    Does anyone know if the unit includes parking? Or if the comps included parking? That’s obviously a very important factor when making an “apple to apple” comparison. I’m surprised HGTV neglected to mention it.

  2. 2

    FourthandEye says

    Scott, I made that same note about parking last week after the episode first aired. The Madrigal Lofts unit has parking. The Chinatown/Gallery Place unit did not as I confirmed on Redfin. Yet the HGTV realty expert didn’t acknowledge this and simply urged the Madrigal owner to drop his price to be in line with the Chinatown unit. Pretty egregious error – I’m glad the owner trusted his gut and didn’t take the advice.

  3. 3

    Katie says

    I didn’t really care for how the HGTV personality said “I know that you think your neighborhood is gentrifying…”. Why can’t an urban neighborhood just be “up and coming”? Gentrification is such an overused term. Afterall in MVT the development has been built on parking lots and not displaced people.

  4. 4

    Tres says

    Thanks for posting this, I enjoyed the episode.

    Reality TV is not 100% representative of reality — I know having worked on a show or two like this before. I’m sure they talked about parking. It’s not uncommon for things end up on the editing room floor — simplify it for the national audience.

  5. 5

    DCer says

    Beware of any “expert” who does not live in the neighborhood, period. Anybody can make that claim, but the differences within a few blocks and among a few buildings can be substantial. Before trusting anyone’s advice, make sure they have true “creds.”