Madrigal Lofts unit spotlighted on HGTV

Last night a first floor unit on the Madrigal Lofts was featured on HGTV’s Real Estate Intervention. I believe this is the first foray by HGTV into our ‘hood since Chris Chan’s episode of My First Place aired this past Spring.

Home Selling 101: De-clutter and Stage
Episode HREIN-410H

Jesse has decided to go to school full-time to earn his PhD, but he needs to get out from under his mortgage. His one bedroom condo is in a hip Washington location, but it might prove difficult to dig out a sale from underneath all the clutter. Jesse gets a tour of two comps and a refresher course on pricing from Real Estate Expert Mike Aubrey. Staging Expert Sabrina Soto and her team give Jesse’s bachelor pad a lesson in elegance, even assigning him some homework ? keep out the clutter. With the right price and Sabrina’s tutoring, can this condo graduate at the top of its class and sell?

I was not impressed with expert Mike Aubrey. The Chinatown comparable (virtual tour) he pushed on Jesse didn’t have parking included while the Madrigal Lofts unit does. Mike failed to acknowledge this important difference. Perhaps he was too distracted by his hang up with Jesse’s 3/4 height bedroom walls to properly evaluate the comps. How much of a concern is bedroom privacy in a 1BR unit anyway? In the end Jesse trusted his instincts and took his unit off the market rather than drop the price to Aubrey’s suggested level.

While I don’t have a large patio like Jesse I do use these wood deck tiles on my juliet balcony. Stepping outside with barefeet or socks on is much better on the deck tiles than the bare concrete.

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    Jeff says

    Apparently-Yale was supposed to be used as a comparable. But our lovely board president put the kabosh on it. He doesn’t understand that exposure equals sales.