Landrum executes second lease at City Vista

At the beginning of October we rejoiced over news that restaurateur Michael Landrum had signed a lease for the old T-Mobile space at City Vista on Fifth Street NW. Later that day TBD followed up with the Edens and Avant, the retail landlord for City Vista, and learned that Landrum was also in talks for a second retail space on K Street between Mandu and the gym entrance.

When November rolled around a Washingtonian chat revealed that Landrum’s plan for the 1200SF bay on 5th Street is a cafe/bakeshop named Ryse. Construction began immediately.

Closeup of a Rays burger; Image credit: Tammy Gordon

Tonight I’m happy to report Landrum has executed the second lease and will most likely bring a Ray’s Hellburger to K Street. City Vista could soon be the destination for Obama’s next burger run. To any MVT residents interested in trying out Hellburger in Rosslyn or Rivereast to get an early glimpse I endorse the New Jack Zing with charred jalapenos and piranha sauce cooked medium rare (aka “recommended”).

Original Hellburger chalkboard menu; image credit: Tammy Gordon

Vida Fitness finalized their lease for the old Results space last week. Once Chipotle finally executes the lease on the former City Vista Sales center the retail component for the project will be 100% accounted for.

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  1. 2

    John Thompson says

    Deliciously OUTSTANDING!!!!

    I can’t wait for these to open. I’m hopeful that RYSE has a hip coffee house component to it a la Chinatown Coffee Co. (that place had a GERAT vibe) – but with MORE seating & later hours (10 or 11 p.m.). I really would like to have a better option than the CV Starbucks. :) Hint, hint….

  2. 3

    MyTwoCents says

    Chipotle seems like a misfit among the other restaurants in the CV since the others are all locally owned. Any reason why Chipotle was given preference over some other local restaurant? Just asking.

  3. 5

    FourthandEye says

    @John Thompson

    My experience with Landrum’s other concepts (3 are within 2 blocks of my office) and the below quotes from the Washingtonian chat make me nearly certain that RYSE will be more substance than style. I firmly believe it’s not going to shoot for a Chintown Coffee type vibe.

    “The main purpose of the cafe will be to provide those modern services that everyone takes for granted today, of a modern coffee shop, and to provide those services in neighborhoods throughout the city that are underserved or not served at all.
    “The first Ryse is a prototype to work out the operating model, which we will then seed throughout the city where most needed. Our goal in this is to not only provide services, but employment opportunities in neighborhoods where people live. And further, to allow for employees to become economic stakeholders — even part-owners — or earn the right to become franchise holders.”

  4. 7

    NO says

    I also think chipotle is an odd fit, esp with 3 restaraunts offering more of a fast food/lunch approach (Taylor, Ryse & Hellsburger). I would like to see some varierty, moving away from the food front, such as a nail boutique (i.e. Mimosa’s in dupont). There isn’t one in the area…you have to go out to dupont.