Merzi Opens

Last Tuesday the new fast casual Indian food concept Merzi opened doors. With an estimated 350 customers the first day the restaurant sold out of food well before I dropped by at 7pm to give it a try.

Photo credit: Tara Lewis WUSA9

In today’s Washingtonpost Danielle Douglas shares the story of the humble beginnings of the concept as Kazo Kitchen in an Anne Arundel County Chevron mini-mart. Owner Qaiser Kazmi refined his recipes and business plan, brought in partners, and launched a full-fledged restaurant that has been labeled by some as the Chipotle of Indian cuisine.

Have any of you tried it yet? The Yelp reviews seem mostly favorable with the dissenters claiming the food is under spiced.

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  1. 1

    Nate Mason says

    I tried it on Thursday and it was good. More expensive than Chipotle, but, well, it’s Indian food. I like the design, I liked the staff, and I liked the food. FYI, the naan is enough for 2 if you go with someone else.

  2. 3

    yellowliner says

    Tried it and liked it. Glad they have veggie options. (Yea!) The cost to food ratio is not good though. The one thing that may keep me from coming back: Cilantro! In the corn, in the tomatoes and cucumbers. Made everything taste like Dawn dishsoap. Blech.

  3. 4

    FourthandEye says

    I tried Merzi today. I asked them to include two meats rather than one so I could sample more. Supposedly that’s normally upcharged to cost $1.99 more but I didn’t pay the premium this time.

    I went with the basic chicken and lamb over naan. I enjoyed the spicyness of the food but the chicken and lamb were chopped too finely (practically minced) for my preferences. That made it lose texture my taste buds associate with meat.

    Anyway, there is still several other options for me to try and I will be back to find that winning dish.