DC Jazz Loft this Sunday

CapitalBop will hold its first D.C. Jazz Loft, a collection of performances featuring some of the city’s most innovative musicians in a relaxed, creative environment.

The event
is inspired by the jazz lofts of the bebop era, when musicians would come together in New York apartments after their gigs to stretch out creatively and try new ideas, free from the constraints of often-stuffy jazz clubs. The D.C. Jazz Loft is designed to highlight the talents of many of the District’s best improvisational musicians – be they beboppers, free-jazz cats or fusion players.

Things will start at 7 p.m., with sets varying in length from 30 minutes to one hour, and the performances will run through 11 p.m. After the sets are done, things will open up – in true jazz loft fashion – into an open jam session. So musicians, bring your axes!

To get to the loft space, arrive at 443 I St. NW and walk up the alley until you see the red door on your left.

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