Nominate BicycleSPACE for Livable, Walkable Community Awards

Please consider submitting a nomination at Councilmember Tommy Well’s website in support of BicycleSPACE (459 I St NW) for the 4th Annual Livable, Walkable Community Awards. The nomination period closes on Thursday December 2nd.

BicycleSPACE began participating and contributing within the community immediately after signing the lease early this year. Below is a sampling of their vast contributions:

  • Restoring an abandoned derelict building back into a productive use and drawing foot traffic onto Eye Street
  • Free Bicycle repairs before they opened for business
  • Organizing and Leading free Group Rides on weekends
  • Participation in tree plantings and trail improvement events
  • Attendance and participation at community meetings including the ANC, MVTCID, MVSNA, etc (Erik goes to more community meetings than I do!)
  • Sponsorship of community events such as NoMa’s Zestfest, WABA’s 50 States Ride
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