Yet another small update on 5th and Eye

Late last week we learned from DCmud that The Arts at 5th and I was very close to completing it’s land disposition and securing financing.

Hotel rendering from original Donohoe/Holland proposal

The Washington Business Journal also had a small update on the mixed-use hotel project. Most of the content is behind the subscriber wall but below are two excerpts.

Regarding timeframes:

“We expect to meet or beat the convention center hotel’s opening day” in 2014, Donohoe said. “Let the friendly competition begin.”

Regarding temporary urbanism at the parking lot:

On weekends, the parking lot will become an international market set up by Chef Kenac Productions LLC, which operated an open-air market at the old D.C. Convention Center site in September. The market will likely open to the public every Sunday throughout December and reopen in March.

Please visit our posting on the project from last December for more details on what is proposed for the site.

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