Walmart Renderings

The Washingtonpost’s Jonathan O’Connell recently tweeted a link to several renderings of the proposed Walmart near the Triangle.

Walmart rendering: 1st & H corner

A few preliminary details are starting to shape up from the media coverage and renderings. The Walmart entrance would be at 1st & H Street NW which signifies that 1st Street is planned be restored. The renderings also suggest 5 stories of red brick to complement the historic government buildings in the area. The store would be 75,000 to 80,000 SF with underground parking and additional small retail bays along H Street NW. Approximately 315 residential units would sit atop the store.

Walmart Rendering - H Street elevation

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  1. 1

    SG says

    Honestly, this looks GREAT. I thought it would take a prolonged, pitched battle to secure this type of outcome. And even then I figured it would be deeply flawed. This is superior to most PUD development that happens in the city. And since HPRB isn’t dumbing down the design, it could look awesome if it isn’t value engineered to death.

  2. 2

    KP says

    I agree, this looks a lot better than what I originally feared. I do still worry about the make-up of the store and the potential traffic jam this might bring to our area. But do we know if the other planned stores are larger than the one planned here? If that’s the case, then maybe we won’t get that many people coming into this store.

  3. 3

    Tom says

    Hopefully Arlington sees this rendering and decides they want to get in on this party. If Arlington would put a Walmart near Pentagon City that would limit the amount of Virginians this NoMa Walmart will attract. I don’t mind attract Virginians into the city for musesums, events and restaurants. But I don’t want their cars choking our roads and I-395 just to go to a big box retailer.

  4. 4

    John Thompson says

    OK, I’ll admit I’m VERY impressed! I completely agree with SG & I’m hopeful that they don’t skimp on design & detail. If this is done with a high, urban standard in mind, it could really be a huge win for the developer & WM. I’m very optimistic!

  5. 5


    While it would potentially impact parking, the easy-on/off access to I-395 should mean much less of a traffic impact in the neighborhood (just for those aiming to take the Mass Ave exit, which already backs up, as is.

  6. 6

    Shipsa01 says

    And speaking of the access to 395 from Mass – what kind of impact is the construction of that new development going to have on traffic?

  7. 7


    I think it looks lovely. we should expect a long period of traffic complication with this and the 395 development but the end result will hopefully result in smoother traffic. With regard to the rendering, i think the intersection is mislabeled. judging from the prominent slope and Gonzaga in the background, the intersection is the NE corner of NJ & H. One thing that would be very cool is for the design to take full advantage of that hill, the Capitol views are lovely. P.S. Some interesting history: the block east of first between H & I used to have an “alley” with houses, Defrees Street. (Similar to Ridge St…

  8. 8

    FourthandEye says

    @KP – It seems that, according to GGW, the Walmart planned for Bladensburg Road and New York Avenue in NE will be 50% larger than the one near us and boast several big box stores.

  9. 9

    Tom @ 400 Mass says

    @ Si,

    I agree the renderings may be mislabeled (I hope not), but the slope extends through the current parking lot and the angle on the corner of the building in the redendering appears to be 90 degrees (New Jersey is angled at H).