Christmas Tree Lot on Mount Vernon Square

Christmas Trees from Santa’s Forest Christmas Tree Farm in Evans, West Virginia will be sold from a lot on the west edge of Mount Vernon Square beginning on November 27th

Christmas Tree Lot on Mount Vernon Square opens Nov 27

Visit the website and/or facebook page for more details.

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  1. 2

    JF says

    Anyone know how much rent these folks pay? Who does the rent go to? DC? Or is that space owned by the National Park Service?

  2. 3

    Santa's Forest says

    Hi JF – The grounds are owned by the US Government and DC. The Historical Society of DC has a 99 year lease on both the building and the grounds. We rented from HSWDC and then permitted the use for a tree lot through the city. A donation and support costs are paid for use of the space. While I prefer not to disclose the amount we paid, it was substantial. I hope you have an opportunity to come visit us. Happy Holidays.

  3. 5

    Dan Maceda says

    Great to see the square used if only for a seasonal purpose. Miss the market that was there for a short time last year. Wonder who JF from West Virginia knows that got the deal done. Don’t understand why a cafe like the one at the Hirschorn Plaza on the Mall can’t be set up on the plaza in front of the building.