BicycleSPACE website

The website for BicycleSPACE ( has undergone a big upgrade.

In addition to the site you can follow BicycleSPACE via facebook and twitter.

Following is a description of what you will find in each section of new BicycleSPAce site:

To include basic information like store hours, a map, and directions. This section will also feature photos of the store and neighborhood as well as a video tour. We will have information about everything going on in our area so that you can become familiar with where we are located. And, we will post extensive information about each of our staff members so that you can really get to know us.

Rides & Events-
Check in here to see our schedule of activities. You will find everything listed– our group rides, maintenance classes and bikes safety clinics, as well as advocacy meetings and other unique events.

See us in Action-
This section will display photo and video evidence of all of the fun!

To include articles and video tutorials on things like bicycle maintenance, commuting by bike, choosing the right gear, etc. Also to feature lists of areas to ride, route maps and GPS information. Check in here for informative product reviews and customer testimonials.

Products & Services-
In this section we have provided links to all of the great brands we carry and descriptions of the services we offer.

Follow our Blog-
Never miss a beat by following all of the goings-on at the store. We will regularly provide fun and intriguing articles and videos. The purpose of this is to keep you in the loop and engaged with the store. We want you coming back!

We have provided the framework for a free and inclusive cycling club. Here you can post photos and share information about yourself regarding your cycling experiences. Then, you can network to find like-minded bike riders who share common goals and interests. Search for others who like to go on rides at the same pace and for the same distance as you or find someone to simply give you some advice. Lastly, make plans to meet-up for store-sponsored events or strike out on your own with new friends.

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