Capital Fringe’s Fall Festival is already underway and runs through November 21st. Fringe operates out of 607 New York Ave NW.

10 Productions | 54 Individual Shows At Fort Fringe

Nu Sass Productions
November 6 – 20
A collapsing farmhouse sits atop a wondrous cave with the potential to make the American Dream reality. Unfortunately, it’s filled with cave monkeys, evolutionary theory, messy property rights and other human beings. Cavers is an absurd world-premier that asks if dreams can still come true. (“Cavers pits dreamer against dreamer in a slapstick saga packing more intrigue than a Shakespearean court.” – Derek Hills, The Washington City Paper’s Fringe & Purge, Summer 2010)

This is Your Brain on Rock & Roll
Ed Hamell
November 17 – Nov 20
Globetrotting award-winning singer-songwriter-satirist-comedian-poet and anti-folk rock and roller Ed Hamell brings another one man show filled with inspirational laughs, bawdy humor, topical observations, crowd interaction, and an attempt to provide the greatest night ever.

Do Not Kill Me, Killer Robots
The Great Ben Egerman Theatre Adventure
November 10 – 21
An underground bunker in the near future – step into the shoes of a killer robot about to slaughter the world’s last living actor.  Experience an evening of low budgets, high camp, major dork appeal, and weird homemade electronics.

Freud Meets Girl
Wayward Theatre
Through November 21
Freud’s great-great grandson unveils some new science: a computerized shrink that reads dreams down to the nano-particles. Freud’s amazing new supercomputer reads minds and discovers secret desires but will it help him escape from under Sigmund’s shadow, untangle a love affair, and finally recover his own missing memories.

Kelly Bond
Through November 7
Elephants, huge and hidden won’t ignore you; they have a relationship and are powerful and sentimental; they also transgress, practicing and perceiving aggression.  They are you and they are alien, with all the potential to connect to what and how – cryptic, valuable, and subtle, huge and hidden.

Ridgefield Middle School Talent Nite
November 12 – 21
Ridgefield Middle School presents the first annual Talent Nite.  Come see young adults prove that those dance lessons really did pay off.  Two people who like themselves more now that they are no longer in middle school created this play with 17 characters, 2 actors, and 1 middle school talent show.

Romeo & Juliet: Choose Your Own Ending
The Impressionable Players
November 10 – 21
It’s up to the audience to decide if Romeo should pursue Juliet or Rosaline and if the lovers will or won’t live happily ever after. The audience’s vote determines how the play unfolds each night combining Shakespeare with democracy and pure hilarity.  Three Lovers, eight endings, lots of death, and lots of laughs.

The Poet Warriors
Jose Luis Diaz Presents
November 6 – 20
Accidental friendships and unconventional loves; three sweet-natured guys become soldiers in wartime – and the ones they adore most in the world must wrestle with the age-old conundrum of the ones left behind in this new musical that looks at beauty, laughter, love, and war.

McSwiggin’s Pub
Sean O’Brien
Through November 14
Second City alum and Hill staffer Sean O’Brien returns with an updated one man show about a night of politics, booze, and blarney in a DC watering hole. This show sold out performances in Fringe 2008 and 2009 and was quoted in Newsweek.

Sex, Dreams and Self Control
Kevin Thornton
Through November 13
This Los Angeles Times best bet is a wildly hilarious coming-out fantasy; a fusion of music, spoken word, and standup comedy – like David Sedaris with a guitar on a “sexual and romantic odysseys” (EDGE Los Angeles). One guitar. One man. A wild ride. ( Sedaris was in the 09′ festival and now back for fallFRINGE)

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