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Registering and Voting

Mount Vernon Triangle residents who have not yet registered to vote may do so if they are a US citizen, at least 18 years old on the date of the general election, have lived in the District for at least 30 days and not claimed voting residence outside of the District.

Same-day registrants must bring with them

  1. A government document
  2. A bank statement
  3. A utility bill, lease or occupancy statement showing their complete name and address of residence in the District.

Election Day, November 2, Where To Vote

Ward 6 ANC6C-01/ANC6C-02 vote at the Walker Jones School gynasium at 1125 New Jersey Ave, NW
Residents at City Vista L, City Vista K, The V Apartments, Carmel Plaza, Golden Rule Apartments, Golden Rule Plaza and Museum Square

Ward 6 ANC6C-01/ANC6C-09 vote at the Chinese Community Church at 500 I Street, NW
Residents at 400 Mass, 401 Mass, 425 Mass, 555 Mass, Madrigal Lofts, Mass Court, The Meridian, and The Sonata

Ward 2 ANC2C-04 vote at the Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial Library at 901 G Street, NW
Residents at Yale Lofts.

Your building not listed? Visit the DCBOEE Polling Place locator.

This blog endorses the following candidates for ANC:
6C01 – Marge Maceda
6C02 – Rob Amos
6C09 – Kevin Wilsey
2C03 – Rickey Williams
2C04 – Rachelle Nigro

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  1. 1


    I was out this chilly morning handing out lit with Rob Amos. Marge Maceda was out there too as well as Mark Dixon for a bit. Turnout was very light. Come on y’all, get out there & vote!

  2. 3

    Mike@555 Mass says

    555 Mass residents should vote at the Chinese Community Church. (We were left off of your list).