Endorsements for Adjacent ANC6C SMDs

To date the focus of the ANC election blog discussion has been on the 6C01 election race between incumbent Keith Silver and challenger Marge Maceda. Single Member District 6C01 covers most of the Triangle including all but one of our residential buildings. Yesterday I concluded that coverage with a formal endorsement of Marge Maceda.

Both the readership of the blog and the issues of our immediate community have reach outside the formal Mount Vernon Triangle borders. Single member district 6C02 covers the northeast edge of the Mount Vernon Triangle including one current residential building (Golden Rule Plaza) and one under construction (on L Street). To our south SMD 6C09 covers the eastern edge of Chinatown and Penn Quarter. The 6C09 SMD is an important ally to ours on the the ANC6C commission as they are a downtown neighborhood with mixed use issues and concerns. Much of the rest of 6C is comprised of residential rowhouse neighborhoods on Capitol Hill and lack the perspective to appreciate the challenges of a downtown mixed use community.

ANC 6C02: Vote for Rob Amos

The election in ANC6C02 is between longtime incumbent Mark Dixon and challenger Rob Amos. Yesterday the Greater Greater Washington blog endorsed Amos citing highlights of Rob’s record and Mark Dixon’s lack of email use. Rob has an outstanding resume of credentials having served on the Mount Vernon Square Neighborhood Association and as a citizen chair of the ANC 6C Planning, Zoning and the Environment Committee (PZ&E). I could parrot a laundry list of specific accomplishments but his www.amosforanc.com website does an excellent job laying them out. The PZ&E committee is especially relevant to the Triangle and NoMA due to all the new construction projects in construction and on the way. Rob’s proved his merit and clearly deserves a commissioner seat and thereby voting privilege on full commission meetings.

Mark Dixon has a strong record with regards to public safety in 6C02 and is a regular fixture at Police Service Area (PSA) meetings. While he doesn’t read email he’s been accessible to seniors and others living in his immediate vicinity. But as I cited in my endorsement of Maceda over Silver the ANC commissioner job is one that is large with a wide range of responsibilities. When the choice is between a candidate that will tackle all the responsibilities versus limiting themselves to their own comfortable niche I think the voters are best served by the more dynamic candidate. My other comment about Dixon would be that he’s frequently voted against recommendations from ANC6C subcommittees with no explanation or only a flippant remark. The committees perform dozens of hours of due diligence on issues each month and to vote against their recommendations a commissioner should have a thoughtful reason that they can articulate.

ANC609: Vote for Kevin Wilsey

Kevin Wilsey is the obvious choice as a successor to commissioner Charley Docter who is not seeking re-election. Wilsey is both a resident and the property manager of the Landsburgh in Penn Quarter. He’s lived in the neighborhood since the late 90’s and served on the Downtown Neighborhood Association Board since it’s inception. Kevin has been very involved in neighborhood issues through the DNA including helping create Voting Precinct 143 to help residents have a nearby polling place. He has worked directly with ANC6C on specific issues including the liquor license voluntary agreement for Hill Country (and possibly Carmines). Kevin would be a great ally for downtown residents within 6C and is interested in collaborating more with ANC2C as the two different ANCs split Penn Quarter and Chinatown down the middle.

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    Totally loaded question but do you have any thoughts on the 2C03 race as it includes the very tip of the Triangle? I’ll give you my 2 cents…That tip includes a large Jemal parcel and the inevitable NPR redevelopment by boston properties into something undetermined between 6th & 7th. The current Commissioner Doris brooks is completely inept. She does not communicate with anyone via email, phone or snail mail & she is irate for good measure. She has claimed she does not represent downtown residents. I am supporting Rickey Williams for everyone in Shaw, MVSQ, the Triangle & PQ and I hope you all will too.

  2. 2

    FourthandEye says

    I endorse Ricky Williams for 2C03 and Rachelle Nigro for 2C04. I just haven’t yet found the time to draft a post to articulate why. All the other postings this week have kept me pretty busy. I hope to do the post for Rickey and Rachelle by Monday.