ANC 6C01 Endorsement: Marge Maceda

The ongoing blog coverage of the ANC 6C01 election race concludes with my endorsement for challenger Marge Maceda. I urge residents of the Triangle to vote for Marge Maceda on their ballot next Tuesday. My endorsement is based both on my observations of ANC6C the last two years and the due diligence I’ve done, and shared with readers of this blog, during the last two months.

In some contested ANC races around the city the challengers are wildcards with little, if any, documented credentials for the position. To vote for the challenger can be a giant leap of faith as you are unsure of what the candidate stands for and if they truly have both the energy and competence to succeed in the role. Our single member district is fortunate to have a proven civic leader like Marge Maceda run for the position. Marge lived many years in the Southwest community where she served as the President of the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly for over 5 years. During her tenure as president of that civic association Marge worked closely with ANC 6D and gained valuable knowledge about zoning, permits, liquor licenses and managing quality of life issues. Her commitment to service is also evident in both her profession (school principal) and in our community (Treasurer at City Vista K). I feel very confident that Marge has the competence to handle the wide demands of the position and the commitment to be inclusive and transparent.

I have no doubts whatsoever that Keith Silver has his heart in the right place. He truly cares a great deal about speaking up for the unemployed and economically disadvantaged members of the community. Yet in my estimation this belief has manifested into an agenda that dominates his priorities and actions. At times his hyper-vigilance for this cause leads to unnecessary drama. The flood of emails he floated in September against the Walker Jones farm falsely attempted to cast the project as a “Land Takeover”. Other memos he has issued have used hyperbole as strong as “man made Katrina” to describe the demolition of Temple Courts. In June 2009 he preemptively picketed the future development site at 5th and I for violating the DC First Source Agreement when the project was still in land assemblage phase and years away from beginning construction.

If Keith was a model commissioner who capably handled the wide array of ANC responsibilities it could be overlooked that he occasionally stirred the pot with hyperbole. Unfortunately his participation on several major community issues has been largely passive. The civic leaders who successfully pressed to oust Fun Fair Video (a crack house masquerading as a business) informed me that the contributions from Silver on this matter were close to nil. Similarly Keith voted to support the voluntary agreements between residents and bars in the Triangle but left all the leg work to the neighborhood associations. Additionally I have not witnessed Keith formally serve on any of the major ANC6C committees that require due diligence throughout the month (PZ&E, ABL, Transportation).

Keith’s dedication to speaking on behalf of marginalized residents is valuable in a community that spans the socio-economic spectrum. I trust that he will remain a vocal leader in the community and DC First Source watchdog regardless of the election outcome. However the ANC commissioner role is best served by an individual that will actively engage in all facets of the job and remain calm in the face of disagreement. Marge Maceda is the best candidate for the job and deserves your consideration on election day.

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  1. 1

    Patricia says

    I completely agree with this assessment. After reading over their answers to your questions, Mr Silver sounds like an over-the-top, paranoid, anti-development advocate.

    I think DC will face enough trouble with that given our new mayor’s ties to Marion Barry. I want an ANC rep that wants to keep moving DC forward and making our neighborhood safer and more prosperous.

    From what I read about Ms. Maceda it sounds like she has a proven record of doing this effectively in SW. I would welcome her as the new ANC rep.

  2. 2

    FourthandEye says

    @Patricia – I don’t believe Mr Silver is anti-development. He most certainly wants to see Mount Vernon Triangle and Northwest One developed as he frequently cites a “We are more than parking lots” mantra. But his day-to-day message is also often very anti-developer. He has trouble reconciling these two stances and occasionally comes close to throwing the baby out with the bath water.