ANC6C01 Candidate Questions – Part 3

This posting continues the series of ANC 6C01 candidate questions between challenger Marge Maceda and incumbent Keith Silver. The 6C01 single member district is the most critical to residents of the Mount Vernon Triangle as all the residential hi-rises within our borders, with the exception of Golden Rule Plaza, fall within this district (boundary map).

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This past summer the Walker Jones School began a project to use surplus school land to start a community farm. Neither a public space permit nor a zoning variance was needed so ANC input was not required. Yet it is currently embroiled in controversy over lack of community input. Where do you stand on this issue and why?

Maceda: What a wonderful way to integrate young and old teaching and learning from one another to promote good health and healthy eating to our children. Many days as I go to work I see folks weeding and tending to the plants, I see children working to make their garden a cornucopia of good foods I have heard many residents asking how they can help, volunteer to help children and even offer to buy the produce so the children can begin again next year. Folks in our neighborhoods all have hearts as big as they are and are willing to support this project. The amount of pride for the children giving their product to a homeless shelter also teaches our children about responsibility and service to their community. Growing produce does not suggest that rats and mice will be feasting on the plants. Rodents prefer garbage. People deserve fresh grown healthy foods. When this garden began there were few people to consult with, now perhaps we need a committee/task force of gardeners and growers to offer our children the wisdom of there knowledge over the years through workshops and partnerships.

Silver: I am a 100% Pro-Green Commissioner, I along with 6C Commissioners Mark Dixon 6c02 and Lena Brown 6C03 have met with School Official along with Councilmember Tommy Wells and it is deterimined at this point that parcel of land is on Dept of Public School Property Research is being done at this moment to double check school boundaries with New Communities / Northwest One grid to determine exactly where that parcel of land and which jurisdiction has pruview. I support the school efforts until other information comes forth on this issue, if other info to the contrary surface we will continue to work with Walker Jones towards compromise which is in the best interest of all Stakeholders.

Editor’s note: Keith’s response to the question is very calm. But he did issue an ALL CAPs tirade against the farm in September.

What do you want voters to remember about you as they fill out their ballot?

Maceda: I’d like voters to realize that I will work for our community in any way I can. I don’t have an agenda to meet my needs but care about what is best for all of us.. Win or lose, I thank the community for their support and look forward to serving you as the ANC commisioner for 6C01.

Silver: Commissioner Silver 4 – year theme: “RESIDENTS!! … Not Big Business! … Residents! … Not Developers! …WE ARE: “RESIDENTS!! …Developing a Model Single Member District (6c-01) …”We are an Exact Microcosm of this City!”

I CAN POINT TO A POSITIVE RECORD as ANC COMMISSIONER, I have worked hard to address the real issues of Single Member District 6c01. This Single Member District is a Safer and Better Place to live than it was 4 years ago. Local Businesses and Retail are Up…Crime has been Stabilized…and Job Development is forth-coming and will be implemented!! – A vibrant economy with real economic opportunism benefits everyone, we have made in-roads to connect local residents with jobs, accelerate business growth and well on our way to creating a Model Single Member District here in 6c01.

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