Notes from the DNA’s ANC Candidate Forum

I attended the ANC Candidate forum at this past Tuesday’s DNA forum. Below are a few notes:

ANC6C01 race

This blog began coverage of the 6C01 election race last week with candidate bios as the 6C01 Single Member District (SMD) covers the majority of the Mount Vernon Triangle. The race matches up challenger Marge Maceda (bio) vs incumbent Keith Silver (bio). When given the floor both Marge and Keith explained their backgrounds to the audience – much of that is captured in the bios I’ve already posted. So my notes focused primarily on items we hadn’t heard before.

Marge Maceda has vast experience as president of the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly and has worked closely with ANC 6D in the past. That experience is outlined in the bio. At the forum we gained further insight as to what she sees as priorities for the SMD. Marge would like to see a dog park and places for children to play in the community. She also believes strongly that managing noise from businesses is a priority and detailed an ongoing situation with weekend noise from Busboys at City Vista. At the end of the day listening to her constituents and representing their needs is her top priority.

Keith Silver has been the 6C01 SMD commissioner for the past 4 years. Keith used his time during the forum to address specifics about what his major accomplishments have been during his two terms. The efforts included a list of picket protests he has launched or been a part of including 1) Closing of Fun Fair Video on 5th Street 2) Protesting the demolition of Temple Courts for not adhering to the DC First Source agreement 3) Protesting the 5th & Eye parking lot for two weeks straight despite historic snowfall 4) Successfully picketing the attempted removal of a mature tree at 4th and I.

From there Mr Silver talked for a few minutes about the “have” and “have-nots” in the community and his feelings on that. I don’t think I can articulate his words on this as his message didn’t entirely resonate with me. In one moment he said he’s never failed to answer requests from residents of the new buildings yet in the next breath he referred to the new buildings as “monstrosities”. In the end I think the theme was about job creation. Later in the month perhaps Mr Silver can explain the message in his own words.

ANC609 race

The ANC609 single member district covers the east end of Chinatown and Penn Quarter. Incumbent commissioner Charley Docter is not seeking another term. The two election candidates, Kevin Wilsey and Leroy-Jacob Smith, both attended the forum.

Kevin Wilsey is both a resident and the property manager of the Landsburgh in Penn Quarter. He’s lived in the neighborhood since the late 90’s and served on the Downtown Neighborhood Board since it’s inception. Kevin has been very involved in neighborhood issues through the DNA including helping create Voting Precinct 143 to help residents have a nearby polling place.  He has worked directly with ANC6C on specific issues including the liquor license voluntary agreement for Hill Country. Kevin would like to continue the good work done by Charley Docter and is interested in collaborating more with ANC2C as the two different ANCs split Penn Quarter and Chinatown down the middle.

Leroy-Jacob Smith has lived in the neighborhood for 6 years at Judiciary House (400 block of H). Mr Smith spoke about his long history of community service helping the homeless and poor. The only neighborhood items he spoke about were the difficulty to cross H Street midblock and feeling the ANC should do more to help the homeless shelters.

ANC2C03 race

THe ANC 2C03 single member district hugs 7th Street closely and covers the very different constituencies of Penn Quarter/Chinatown and Shaw. Both incumbent Doris Brooks and challenger Ricky Williams were invited to the forum. Brooks was a no-show and to my knowledge has never attended any DNA meeting. Nor does she acknowledge any attempted contact/outreach by constituents whom she doesn’t already know. Members of her church congregation have voted her ANC representative for the last 3 decades.

Ricky Williams has lived in the neighborhood for 2 years (before that several other DC neighborhoods) and is a board member on the Mount Vernon Square Neighborhood Association (MVSNA). Ricky is campaigning on a commitment to be responsive to all constituents and placing heavy focus on improving safety in the neighborhood.


Rachelle Nigro, who is in a four-way race for ANC2C04, was in the audience and spoke for a few minutes. View her campaign facebook page for more info.

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    MVTer says

    With all due respect, Mr. Silver cannot take credit for the closing of Fun Fair. That was done by the MVSNA, the DNA and the residents of 555. If he attended the protest organized by the MVSNA, we were unaware. He did not respond to the residents when they started complaining about the drug dealing occuring from that location.