ANC6C01 Candidate Bio: Keith Silver

Over the course of October this blog will be highlighting the election race for ANC single member district 6C01 between challenger Marge Maceda and incumbent Keith Silver. This ANC SMD spans all of the condo and apartment hi-rises in the Mount Vernon Triangle with exception of Golden Rule Plaza. It is critical for the Triangle to have quality representation on the ANC as it is the political body that allows residents a voice on liquor licenses, zoning variances, public space, and with other city agencies.

To continue over coverage, below is the candidate biography for Keith Silver.

Keith Silver, is the Democratic Incumbent and seeking 4th Term as ANC Commissioner
2006-2010 ANC Commissioner 6C-01,
2002-2004 ANC Commissioner 5B-05

Keith is a dyed-in-the-wool community activist.
A second generation Washingtonian, and proud Public Schools graduate of Ward 8 Schools Garfield Elementary, Kramer Jr. High and Anacostia H.S. in 1971. Following the April Riots of 1968, Keith decided right then and there, he would try to figure out the best way to serve in his hometown. He is a Certified Paralegal from Antioch School of Law, Class of 1978.

Keith got his political start (1987-1992). working for Ward 8 Councilmember Honorable Wilhelmina J. Rolark, Esq., Chair, Judiciary Committee. He states, “In DC … Politics are very local. I learned at that point, the many layers of D.C. Government made the role of the ANC Commissioners key, essential, and vital …to ensure the Resident Stakeholders of the District of Columbia could be properly heard and have a say in their local affairs!

Keith leadership and efforts to collaborate and form coalitions
has been his very successful approach to provide new, innovative, and practical solutions, … that has effectively allowed us not only to face the challenges … but to move our Single Member District 6C-01 forward, over the past 4 years.” This includes partnerships between residents, government, local businesses as collectively we “Strive to make 6C-01 a Model Single Member District.”

Keith Silver is a Self-Employed Paralegal. Currently serving as a Development Associate and Loaned Executive to the United Way National Capital Area and the United Black Fund, (CFC) Combined Federal Campaign Partnership and DC One Fund Campaign Drives.

He is Co-Founder of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. PEACE WALK, (along with Denise Rolark-Barnes) The Annual Celebration of the 3rd Monday of January Designated Holiday in Honor of Dr. King.

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  1. 1

    Tom A says

    What specifically has Mr Silver accomplished for the SMD in his four years of service? The biography mentions a proven track record but fails to list any specific ANC achievements.

  2. 2


    I’d say Commissioner Silver’s strong suit is good old fashioned protesting. recent issues that come to mind include stopping a developer from cutting down a very old tree, the 5th & Eye lot mess, and enforcement of first source agreements (hiring DC workers for development projects.)
    This is not an endorsement and truthfully I have not met his challenger yet, looking forward to it. Anyone interested in this election will have the opportunity to check out both candidates on 2 occasions: Tomorrow at DNA, and next Tuesday at MVSNA.
    DNA forum info:
    MVSNA will be at Yale, 437 NY Ave, Oct 19th, 7:30pm