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    LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mandu I already have ate there twice this week since I just moved back to Cheights. Danny the renderings look insane I can’t wait!

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    Ghazal Vaghedi says

    I feel like Mandu has had zero respect for the residence of CityVista during its construction process. The drilling has been starting at 7am, dating back to September and even after repeated requests from management and CityVista residents, they have refused to compromise and push the start time of the drilling to 8am. For some residence, such as myself living in a unit on the 4th floor, it feels as though I am living right inside a construction zone. I wake up every morning to the sound of drilling overhead. I have to work from home half time and have been forced out because of the noise and headaches. Would it have been too much for Danny Lee to compromise on the start time of the drilling? I for one will not support this restaurant in this community as this establishment has shown a complete disregard for residence of cityvista. It is unacceptable and the owner just get away with it. Please show some respect for the community already!!!