ANC6C01 Candidate Bio: Marge Maceda

Over the course of October this blog will be highlighting the election race for ANC single member district 6C01 between challenger Marge Maceda and incumbent Keith Silver. This ANC SMD spans all of the condo and apartment hi-rises in the Mount Vernon Triangle with exception of Golden Rule Plaza. It is critical for the Triangle to have quality representation on the ANC as it is the political body that allows residents a voice on liquor licenses, zoning variances, public space, and with other city agencies.

To kick things off we’ll start with the candidate biography for Marge Maceda.

Marge Maceda, a candidate for ANC for 6C01 has been an active member of the D.C. community for many years.

As an educator, her life has been dedicated to helping and working with children. She has a Masters degree in Education Administration and Supervision. She is licensed to teach elementary children, special needs children and children in Early Childhood Education. She has taught first grade for numerous years in DCPS as well as special education.

She has worked and collaborated with the last 2 Mayors on the Mayors Advisory Commission for Early Childhood, and the Mayors Advisory Commission for Special Education. Marge is an approved trainer for the Office of Early Childhood in DC. She has been conducting many training events in Maryland, DC and Virginia area, that have been very beneficial to other educational professionals. Presently, she is the Principal of a preschool Academy serving 75 children in Alexandria, Va.

Marge has lived many years in the Southwest community where she became the President of the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly and served in that office for more than 5 years. During her tenure, the Assembly continued to publish its monthly newspaper called “The Southwester” an 8-12 page local newspaper for the community. She helped the Youth task force to set up and continue to offer classes to certify all babysitters within the community. There was also a program that was developed to offer computer training classes to young people, where after completing the training class, computers were given to them to utilize within their homes. Monthly programs for the SW community incorporated discussions with Dr. Dorothy Haight and Ms. Cissy Marshall, wife of Thurgood Marshall.

Working to make southwest an involved community, she helped with the restoration of the old call boxes that are now painted and restored to promote the Cherry Blossom Festival. She also assisted the waterfront community by being a judge for their fabulous Parade of Boats along the Potomac during the holidays. A photo display of Southwest Then and Now showed an assortment of pictures in how the community looked during the 50’s gentrification Urban Renewal and all the way through the present time.

As SW began to develop, she worked closely with ANC 6D to help pave the way for the Nationals Baseball stadium, in addition to working to obtain the finest developer for the waterfront project along the Anacostia. She also helped to secure office and conference space for the civic association as well as the ANC for no additional charge.

Making these things transpire needed essential funds. Marge helped by working closely with the community, to be able to accomplish these goals and aspirations. A jazz concert and an Antique Road show event helped raise money towards these projects as well as others.

Now having moved to K at City Vista, she serves as the Treasurer of the Condo board, and is a member of the Cross Condo organization. Marge looks forward to serving here as your representative in the ANC.

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    very impressive! Might I request coverage of SMD 6C02 if you have the chance? Though it currently covers only 6 units of Triangle dwellings, a large apt building is about to break ground + more development of those 2 blocks could happen in the future. Representation should be of great interest as current ANC 6C Planning & Zoning Committee Chair Rob Amos is challenging longtime ANC 6C02 Commissioner Mark Dixon. P.S. the P&Z meeting is tonight at NPR for anyone who wishes to see Rob in action. Agenda is posted here:
    MVSNA will also be hosting a candidate forum on October 19th, 7:30pm at Yale.

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    one nitpick (and god, i’m going to get raked over the coals for being this nitpicky), but i wouldn’t call what happened in SW in the 50s gentrification. that was urban renewal. poor people’s houses weren’t being purchased by wealthier individuals—they were being bulldozed by the government. big, big difference! :)