Ray’s the [Blank] coming to City Vista

UPDATED: [10/1/2010 4:30PM] Sommer Mathis of TBD followed up on this news with Edens & Avant and learned that Landrum is also in negotations for the ~2400SF space between Mandu and the former Results Gym entrance.

I’ve learned that Michael Landrum has fully executed a deal for the former T-Mobile space at City Vista. Landrum is notable for his Ray’s The Steaks, Ray’s: The Classics and Ray’s Hellburger restaurants. His Ray’s Hellburger Too just a few doors down from the original Hellburger in Rosslyn is coined Ray’s The Game in some circles.

Michael Landrum, Image courtesy of Expressnightout

In the past Landrum has been rumored to want to open other concepts including seafood (Ray’s the Catch), and a wine bar (Ray’s the Glass). It’s not clear what concept will arrive at City Vista but it should be a great addition regardless.

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  1. 4

    Livin' City Vista says

    This is great news! I have to say living in CityVista just keeps on getting better and better. Thanks for the update.

  2. 5

    Shipsa01 says

    Awesome news. Now if we can get a real Mexican restaurant (or something) in the old City V sales space rather than a Chipotle, we’ll be all set.

  3. 6

    FourthandEye says

    It is indeed true that Chipotle has been rumored for months as the future tenant of the former City Vista Sales Center. I haven’t heard anything to suggest that’s been derailed.

    The former T-Mobile and City Vista Sales Center retail bays are small by restaurant standards at only ~1500 SF. For frame of reference, Taylor Gourmet is roughly the same size. I would expect concepts that follow the Taylor model. A small kitchen that doesn’t eat up much of the footprint, short food prep times (and thereby shorter customer wait times), and a product conducive to both dine-in and take out.

    Landrum can be a little unconventional. He doesn’t have websites for most of his restaurants. The Rosslyn Hellburger went many months before even having a sign in the window. So he’s a bit of a wildcard and could defy conventional wisdom. But I’d guess the City Vista location will be a Hellburger or Ray’s the Game. Ray’s the Catch might be a possibility if that concept is more like Tackle Box with fish tacos and lobster rolls than a sitdown restaurant with entrees.

  4. 7

    KP says

    This is pretty awesome, that we might get not 1 but 2 of his new restaurant ideas. Plus the news of a Chipolte (which, I personally am not a fan of) but its still another option right here. I rather it be some non-chain mexican restaurant or a local chain restaurant concept (similar to Taylor)

  5. 8

    DCer says

    GREAT intelligence on this, FourthandEye! What a great addition *any* Ray’s something will be. A Chipolte would be a crap addition to City Vista. Just hang around a bit at their 7th Street location; you don’t want them anymore than you want a McDonald’s.

    Ray’s the [blank] will make City Vista even more a destination and Mount Vernon Triangle it’s own little Penn Quarter. Eventually, as things fill in, the two areas will meld into one and be ONE hot area! For this of us who live in the MVT an PQ areas, hang on to your condo and watch your property values soar. But don’t sell; enjoy the best urban life outside of NYC.

  6. 9

    resident says

    Great news! As long as it isn’t ‘Ray’s the park on the sidewalk because there’s a caps game’