401 Mass Retail Platmap

UPDATE (9/22/10 4PM) since we wrote this post Rapport updated the marketing brochure to revise the interior space figure down to 1952 sqft and removed the specific space estimate for the patio.

The Rappaport Company has posted a marketing brochure for the retail space at 401 Mass to their corporate website.

I’m surprised by the square footages listed in the specs. That patio space does not seem bigger than my condo. Nor does the interior, which I snapped pictures of in 2009 before they papered the windows, seem twice as big as Taylor Gourmet Deli. But that’s neither here nor there. I think we’re all just anxious to see a tenant for the space. I haven’t heard any rumors from sources in the know about negotiations but I’ve heard wishlist-type suggestions from area residents including Buzz Bakery and Caribou Coffee. What would you like to see in this corner space?

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    Add me under the Buzz Bakery wishlist. I love that place, and would love something with that atmosphere in the neighborhood. I like Chinatown Coffee Company, but it just doesn’t feel like the kind of place to go relax and enjoy a book with your coffee.

  2. 3

    John Thompson says

    I’m a big fan of Caribou – but a bakery/coffehouse would be OUTSTANDING! So long as it’s open late enough for the residents in the neighborhood to enjoy (10 or 11PM)

  3. 4

    Tony says

    I used to live over in Logan across the street from ACKC — http://www.thecocoagallery.com. I would love it if I clicked my heels 3 times and they appeared on that corner. Delicious coffees, tasty desserts and great atmosphere.

    A few months ago when I was out in San Francisco, I came across this interesting place @ Union Square, which was a coffee shop during the day and a wine bar in the evening. I thought it was a pretty cool idea for a business.

  4. 5

    Emily says

    I would LOVE a take-out dim sum place like they have all over SF! Think Ping Pong but not trendy and not nearly as overpriced. If you know China Garden in Rosslyn, then them but to-go!

    An italian pastry shop would be a dream come true! Can Potenza open a small branch?

  5. 6


    I’m all for a Caribou or another independent Coffee House that does stay open late. Chinatown Coffee is simply too ‘cold’ in their approach and I prefer the variety Caribou offers. Plus those French Toast Muffins are heaven.

  6. 7

    Allison says

    I know what I want on Mass Ave, in 401 or any of the other available spaces: anything but Subway. I was so sad when I saw the Subway Cafe sign go up when I was leaving for work the other morning–gross. We need more good local places in this neighborhood that are affordable and unpretentious. Okay, maybe hoping Mangialardo’s II would open next door was far fetched, but if we can’t get a local place, I would happily settle for something semi-corporate like Le Pain Quotidien or Pret a Manger, since both of those are actually great places. Every time I go to Peregrine Espresso in Capitol Hill I wish we had something like that here. Brock is right, Chinatown Coffee just isn’t the neighborhood coffeehouse I wish it was. I would also love to see the Matchbox team open up a second Ted’s Bulletin over in this neighborhood. My ultimate spot though would be a copy of Tryst from Adam’s Morgan–chill place, good coffee and bites, and a nice vibe.

  7. 8

    MandFifth says

    @Tony Checkout Grape & Bean in Old Town Alexandria. They run the same concept – a very cool coffee bar during the day and a wine bar after 5pm, with small eats thrown eat. I would love if they could do the same here, though I doubt if they will have another Clover! For those non-coffee aficionados – a Clover is a machine some guys at Stanford invented and was huge hit in the underground coffee movement. Sadly, they were bought out by the evil Starbucks empire and were promptly shut down. G&B in Alexandria is the only place within a 100mile radius to have such a machine, and the drip coffee it produces (~$3) is outstanding.