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    Sara says

    While I hope this website is some indication that we will have a gym in the city vista space soon, the GM at the Renaissance location is continuing to say it is not confirmed and she is unsure whether a letter of intent has been signed. I think we need to take this website with a grain of salt until we see something in writing from Vida or the landlord confirming that it is Vida and not one of the other gyms that was considered that will in fact occupy the space.

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    Tony says

    Would a reputable gym AND a huge new condo complex really go so far as to allow their names/logos to be shown together like this, if it were not next to true? Perhaps the GM at Renaissance is just not privy to this information, nor permitted to disclose any of it at this time.

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    FourthandEye says

    I have little reason to doubt the website is authentic. I think we just found it sooner than Vida anticipated and that’s why their employees aren’t prepared to comment.

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    Nick says

    Does anyone know what is meant by the comment that the gym is in the “design phase for a complete renovation in 2011″? Does this mean that it won’t open until after that renovation is complete (i.e. in maybe a year or so)?

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    sara says

    The website is being shared by VIDA employees. It was sent to me by the VIDA sales team before it was posted here, so I don’t think they were making any attempts to hide it. In fact, they are using it to try to get former Results people to join Vida. Again, I hope it’s true, but I will fell better when we see something more concrete because city vista residents are hearing mixed messages about the number of gyms currently in the running for the space. I was also told by Vida that if they do take over the space, it wouldn’t open for use until early 2011 because of renovations, permits, etc. Here’s another blog’s take on it:

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    Hi all! This is ilona from VIDA Fitness – Renaissance location. I wanted to let you know that VIDA Fitness is hosting an Open House (Read… free workout, healthy food and fun events) this Thursday, September 23rd – all City Vista Residents are welcome! Please come by and take a look around and enjoy a workout for free.

    Feel free to contact me at for more info or to sign up for a free Nutritional Consultation with our CPT, Nutritional Consultant and Wellness Coach (also a City Vista resident). Thanks! Hope to see everyone Thursday.

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    KS says

    Looks like some serious signage has gone up on the building that mimics the website exactly. Any word on the status and possible open date?

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    Nick says

    I also noticed that the signage is on the bay that was formerly empty. Maybe they will be taking over this space as well? If so, that would be great — they could use the first floor for offices and check-in, leaving the entire upstairs available for workout space.

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    FourthandEye says

    @Nick – I’ve been told there is nothing meaningful to be read into the placement of the Vida signage.