Primary Election Polling Places

Tuesday September 14th is the primary election day in the District. Residences with in the Mount Vernon Triangle fall are part of Ward 6. If you’re a registered Ward 6 Republican the day is a non-event with uncontested nominations or no candidates filed. However the Tuesday is d-day for Ward 6 democrats with a very full ballot.

The major faceoff is incumbent Adrian Fenty versus challenger Vincent Gray in the Mayoral primary. Also on the ballot for Triangle residents are Ward 6 Councilmember (Tommy Wells vs Kelvin Robinson), At-Large Council seats and the Council Chair.

Chinese Community Church (500 I Street NW)

I believe Triangle residents south of K Street go to the Chinese Community Church (500 I Street NW) and residents north of K must go to Walker Jones School (1125 New Jersey Ave NW). But please check the polling place locator to confirm.

ANC seats will be voted on during the general election in November.

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    FourthandEye says

    If you live in Yale Lofts or otherwise north of New York Ave you address is technically outside of the Mount Vernon Triangle and you are most likely in Ward 2 and your ballots will be different than the ones I linked to above.