Goodbye Results, Hello Vida

The upper management of Results Gym decided to toss our community under the bus today. However their closure is not a reflection on our developing community. Not every business operator is going to succeed. A positive indicator for us is that other gym operators immediately lined up to express interest in the space. I have on good authority that Vida Fitness plans to take over the space at City Vista.

I don’t have details regarding timelines. But it’s been a crazy day and I wanted to get some calming news out there.

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  1. 3

    John Thompson says

    ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING> David knows how to put together a top-notch facility and is one HECK of a business owner. This is great news & I can’t wait! :)

  2. 4

    KR says

    Hopefully they stick with result prices and service. I was a former Vida member and customer service really lacked and if they ever billed you wrong it was like dealing with Comcast. Lots of hoops to go through, especially if you wanted to cancel your membership.

  3. 5

    Vida Fan says

    This is really good news. I’ve been a Vida member for the last year and half. Their membership was cheaper than Results (why I joined in the first place since I live in the K building at CityVista)and I’ve never had any problems with their customer service. Best of all, I feel that they keep their gym in top notch condition and do offer the best range of group fitness classes compared to any other gym in D.C. I’m looking forward to hopefully splitting my time between Vida at Verizon and Vida at CityVista!

  4. 6

    MandFifth says

    Great news to an otherwise very depressing day (for more than one reason). Let’s hope the transition is a matter of weeks and not a few months. I’ve been a member of Results from the day they opened and while I agree with most complaints about them, their staff and trainers have been top-notch. I used to be a WSC member before that and cannot say the same.

    Go Vida. Can’t wait!

  5. 7

    sasha says

    fyi – apparently vida and results used to be partners until they split. vida still owns the building where results on U street is located. there’s talk about vida opening another gym on u street…it will be in that building where the results is, so i guess that results will be closing too at some point. if you get into vida now, you can get a good deal (special pricing for city vista peeps) on using all of their gyms, which will also include the u street location once it’s open. oh, and vida still is cheaper than results. i’m making the switch too.

  6. 8

    MtVernSq says

    Has anyone gotten the chance to check out the VIDA Renaissance location that is near Results City Vista? I received an email from them and didn’t know that there was a VIDA there. It looks like their membership rates are pretty decent. Feedback anyone?

  7. 9

    Sara_no_h says

    I actually joined the Vida at the Renaissance location a month ago and cancelled my Results membership then. I didn’t know then that it was closing, but I definitely made the right choice! I love my new Vida like I used to love Results!!!

    For those that are in need of another gym, I would definitely recommend this one. Its the smallest Vida, but never crowded, has all the equipment I love and oooh the SPA! The signs posted today say that the membership sale for Results members is only through the end of the month… so MtVernSq you should check it out.

  8. 10

    AntonM says

    I shopped around online and on foot today and decided to switch to the Vida at the Renaissance Hotel. It is only a 5 minute walk and the atmosphere was pretty nice. It was significantly smaller than Results, but they had a good amount of treadmills and elliptical machines. It is not a great place for those who like to primarily lift, but seems very good for cardio. They also have an endless pool, as well as a unisex sauna and a unisex steam room. I went around 430 and it was not at all crowded. It’s $29 to join until August 31 and $69 for the Renaissance location. The Vida at Verizon is $89 per month. They have very good reviews on Yelp and they have a lot of group classes unlike the Renaissance location. If that’s what you are looking for, I would definitely check them out.

  9. 11


    That’s awesome. I had a terrible experience with Result when I first moved into the neighbourhood and so I ended up joining VIDA. I never regretted it and I’m very excited about this development!

  10. 12


    MtVernSq – I go to the Renaissance VIDA because it’s quieter than the one in Chinatown. They do not have classes is the only downside but otherwise I really like it.

  11. 13


    VIDA Fitness at the Renaissance welcomes all members of Results City Vista for a FREE guest day today to try out the facility!
    Because it is also our Member Appreciation Day, you will notice extra special events, like a group fitness class in the courtyard between 7th and 9th streets during lunchtime. Please feel free to take a look at our website or facebook page for more information. I look forward to seeing you there!

  12. 14

    David says

    ilona – can you confirm that Vida is in fact interested in taking the Results space? If so, any indication on timing?

  13. 16

    KP says

    I just talked to them during lunch, and the person I talked to would not confirm that rumor. But her facial reaction made it seem like that there have been talks…she did mention the U street location and how that one is going to have a full rooftop pool.

  14. 17

    PR says

    just out of curiosity, is anyone canceling their membership at results? i just called over there to do that, and the person on the other end of the line seemed surprised…

  15. 18

    FourthandEye says

    In the email to members yesterday morning Results stated that displaced City Vista Results patrons could cancel their membership simply by replying with their name and the word “Cancel” in the subject line. That’s what I’ve done. I didn’t receive any kind of confirmation acknowledgement so hopefully they have taken care of it and I am not billed at the beginning of September.

  16. 21

    Alex says

    This is AWFUL news. I understand Vida has a great following here in DC, but this is a great spot for an affordable gym that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that Vida pumps into their gyms. We need to create some competition in this market.