City Vista Results Gym to Close *UPDATED*

The Results Gym at City Vista will close on September 1st.

[UPDATED 6:30AM 8/24/2010] This news has been confirmed. The following response was sent by Results to a Madrigal Lofts resident.

We feel you deserve an explanation. Here are the primary reasons.

  • Roughly half the members needed to sustain the monthly expenses.
  • Unanticipated $18,000 monthly tax bill on top of the $60,000 monthly rent
  • Lack of street traffic, 2 years of vacant retail/restaurant spaces on our side of the building
  • Four major floods from the apartments above
  • The delay of projected Mt. Vernon development, delayed opening and lagging sales of condos and apartments in the City Vista neighborhood.

Sommer Mathis has a few words from Results Director of Operations Brian Moody on the closure.

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  1. 2

    adam k says

    An absolute shame, lots of people crushed right now. Hopefully a Gold’s Gym can jump right into the space..

  2. 3

    Steven says

    It seemed that they always had a lot of demand for memberships, though maybe not enough at a price that would support their business expenses?

    Regardless, really sad to hear. Even if one didn’t use the gym, it did bring a bunch of people from the area together.

  3. 4

    FourthandEye says

    This is terrible news. Those justifications from management make it harder to swallow. I mean sure… yeah the condos/apts and retail filled slower than we all hoped. But they’re basically filled NOW. Why leave NOW? :(

    For what it’s worth, several residents at Madrigal I know who originally joined this Results later switched to Vida. We also have several smaller alternative gyms like Primal Fitness and District Crossfit nearby doing well. I don’t think this closure is an indictment of the neighborhood. People in our community are supporting gyms. The operation of this Results could have been better managed.

  4. 5

    Tony says

    This gym was poorly managed from the get-go, and that all rests on Doug (owner of Results) shoulders.

    I’m sorry, but when they took out HALF of the equipment for a “functional training space,” that was the last straw. You walked in and the place felt empty because it was empty. No matter how much hype they gave it the “new” space (“functional training is the next fad” is what they told me)… empty space is empty space.

    The staff were the nicest people and I hate this happened to them, but Doug, you really drove what could have been a great opportunity into the dirt.

  5. 6

    Jason says

    Why are they closing September 1st rather than August 31st? Are they going to trying to squeeze one more payment out of us under the guise that we could go to another Results location? I’m not going to go to a gym location that’s 2 miles away.

  6. 7

    Robert says

    It seems to me the landlord is better off lowering that $60K/mo rent than going many months (or perhaps well over a year) without a tenant.

  7. 8

    Kman says

    Good riddance. In 2009, the staff at this gym basically told me they didn’t care if I joined or not, so I joined Vida Verizon Center for less per month for a FAR superior product. I recommend homeless gym rats do the same. It’s a ten minute walk from the building which is actually a nice little warm up.

  8. 9

    MVTer says

    I quit Vida Verizon Center because they rarely opened on time, the class trainers were always late, they never walked the floor and the front desk never recognized me. I guess we all have our opinions but I love Results. I felt like I had a community over there. I knew the staff and the other people training there. I will miss it.

    That being said — I would love a list of the options within a half mile of the Triangle with opinions and prices — STAT!!!

  9. 10

    Another MVTer says

    I 100% agree with MVTer. There was a nice sense of community there and you knew that you were getting to know your neighbors. Plus the convenience made it a pretty great deal! This is not good for the developing community, and hopefully there will be another opportunity for a gym to go in there. The staff was great, by the way!

  10. 11

    MandFifth says

    Oh no! I am completely bummed at the news, though I agree with the comment about mismanagement of the premises. Let’s just hope Gold or someone else takes advantage and the CV management gives them a better deal on the rental. Personally, I am done with Results and will look for something else in the area until the void is filled. Vida is too far for me.

  11. 12

    FP says

    i work out at results regularly and love the place. the people are great and the trainers are awesome. its very depressing that its closing. i’m sure they’re taking a huge financial hit by closing shop, so i’m sure that they just don’t have the memberships to sustain the costs.

  12. 13

    CS says

    I don’t need a fancy gym like Vida or a lot of customer service. Just have excellent equipment, keep it in good condition, keep the supplies stocked (towels, water cups) and the facility clean. Saying hi and bye to me when I leave or otherwise chatting me up doesn’t matter to me.

  13. 14

    Resultsgoer says

    So is VIDA going to raise their prices now? They were always more expensive. And with the U St location closing in less than a year without securing another location – there are not a lot of options if you want to stay at Results. Downtown is packed after work and is the smallest of the 4 and Capitol Hill is too far away.

  14. 15

    KR says

    This is BS!! One of the major reasons I moved to City Vista is because of the Results. I used to be a member of Vida and it was not a pleasant experience and over priced. You had the same equipement but only difference was it looked prettier but who needs that. Plus, the instructors and trainers sucked. I agree with everyone saying it felt like a family at results. If the lease can’t be re-negotiated by Results or a new company the space will sit empty for months.

  15. 16

    Robert says

    >> If the lease can’t be re-negotiated by Results or a new company the space will sit empty for months.

    My prediction is 18+ months. It won’t be 3 or 4 months.

  16. 17

    S says

    This is sad. I was a member of Results for a year before switching to Vida Verizon. I joined a gym to take classes and break up the usual treadmill routine. Unfortunately, this Results lacked variety and convenient times like their other locations. I hope the retail space will be rented soon. It’s a shame to lose one of the first tenants.

  17. 18

    adam k says

    I just walked by there this morning, I have no idea how Edens & Avant will rent that space to any business other than a gym. It is really hundreds of square feet of second floor non-ground level retail.

    Perhaps Results is using this as a ploy in an effort to re-negotiate it’s lease? One can only hope, truly distressing news.

  18. 20

    Omar says

    Just got the email from Results, they said they tried to renegotiate but were not successful. FML.

  19. 21

    David says

    Results has been trending downward for a while. Their U Street location is also slated to close when the lease runs out. Maybe the City Vista landlord feels if they are going to lower the rent it should be for a different operator they have more faith in.

  20. 22

    Annon says

    This has nothing to do with City Vista and EVERYTHING to do with the upper level management at Results. They do not know how to run a business. Very soon Cap Hill will be the only Results location and I wouldn’t be surprised if that one closes too. I’m sure another gym will move in at take over the space and manage it successfully and better than results. There is too much oportunity in MVT to not take over that space.

  21. 23

    Resultsgoer says

    RE: Annon.

    I would say it’s all Results’ fault. U ST is closing b/c they don’t own the building; if it wasn’t for that I think that location would be full for years. Downtown is very busy during the week and not so on the weekends, but it’s more a M-F gym that gets the downtown work crowd. I see no signs that Downtown is suffering for membership. And Capitol Hill is in a great location, a great space and seems to be thriving too.

    Basically, they expanded and took a risk with Mt Vernon that didn’t work out. Yes, I would say Mt. Vernon was the worst run but the other gyms are run very well.

  22. 24

    Nick says

    I just received Results’ email and it really ticks me off that they place the entire blame for being unable to sustain this location on City Vista and the surrounding neighborhood.

    Their reasons for closing? (1) slowed sales of condos and apartments in City Vista (interesting excuse, considering that City Vista was the FASTEST selling condo development in the metro area last year); (2) 2 years of vacant retail/restaurant space on the gym’s side of the building (I don’t see how this is relevant to begin with; in any event, Busboys, Taylor, the entrance to the K, and Kushi are all on that side of the building); (3) “unanticipated” $18k monthly tax bill (what the hell does that mean?); and (4) four major floods from the apartments (insurance??).

    This sounds like a case of total mismanagement to me. Good riddance to Results–I hope it is soon replaced by a better, properly managed gym.

  23. 26

    FourthandEye says

    I ran into the store manager of another City Vista retailer during my lunch hour. He said “No Way” three times in a row with regards to the monthly rental figure Results claimed they were paying…

  24. 27

    washingtonydc says

    Looking forward, will the developer be flexible in looking at possible tenants and use of the space (for example, could Mandu become two stories like Busboys)? Or are they going to be looking exclusively for another gym? I imagine other gyms would be shy to take the space (although I bristle at Results putting nearly all of the blame on the neighborhood).

  25. 28

    FourthandEye says

    @washingtonydc – I don’t have any insider info at the moment but I have to believe another gym operator is going to want to take a crack at the space. There are so few downtown spaces tailored for gym tenants. I just hope the gap between Results and the next operator isn’t too lengthy. It’d be silly to have the new operator go though 5-6 months of permitting and bureaucracy to use the space exactly the same way it was used previously…

  26. 29

    John Thompson says

    …Trust… Results is primarily at fault here. Nick pegged it, they’re excuses.

    City Vista was the FASTEST selling condo development in the metro area last year. That’s a fact.

    All the K St. retail at CV is spoken for. I think that the old T-Mobile space is even in negotiaition.

    There are 2 new residential buildings under construction in MVT, at least 2 more to come in the next 12 mos. or so.

    A very reliable & recent rumor has it (a good source) that office/retail building on the 500 block of K St. is even moving forward.

    The VA is moving in to the space at 4th & I.

    Insurance & the developer should have covered the costs for repairs due to the floods.

    I think if we read between the lines, it’s evident that Results is primarily at fault here (not the staff, they’re great – and I hope they get absorbed by another gym – I’m sure they will) I strongly believe that this falls high up on the Result totem pole.
    Unanticipated tax bill? C’mon.

  27. 30

    Kman says

    Say what you want about Vida. The fact that this Results couldn’t attract two would-be members in my household that live 200 feet away speaks for itself. Their excuses on a supposed lack of foot traffic and the building not filling fast enough ring hollow. They were failing to attract prospective members that even live in the K building.

  28. 31

    daytripper says

    Agreed Kman. Wrong move not to give people who live in the building a group membership.

  29. 32

    Tony says

    I’m sorry, but a group discount?!? Why would you expect this just because you live at City Vista? Should you also get a discount at Busboys, Kushi, Mandu, Safeway, Starbucks, Bergmann’s and reduced loan rates at the Chevy Chase bank? Am I missing something here?

  30. 33

    daytripper says

    Not about our “expectations.” Just a bad business decision. Gyms (but not, as far as I know, grocery stores, restaurants or banks) regularly offer all kinds of groups special rates because it means a large number of members in one shot. There’s no free gym in our building, we tried to negotiate a group rate that made sense. It was too high and we didn’t take it. There are hundreds of people living in that building. Sure, not all of them wanted to join the gym but, if even 10% would have gone in on a group deal, it would have been good for Results. Instead, they hoped each person would pay their full rate – and some did. But not enough, clearly. If they were having problems filling the gym, why alienate the people that would be most likely to choose it if the price was right?

  31. 34

    David says

    @daytripper – interesting. Results recently offered our building $55/mo. Was the Results offer to City Vista better or worse?

  32. 35

    daytripper says

    And for that matter, why not go to every large building in the area and offer a group option? They could have set a minimum participation level to make sure it was profitable to them.

  33. 37

    dc_cleo says

    Well, it seems that it sucks for those who were members & doesn’t suck so much for those who weren’t. I am in the 1st group so am pretty bummed. I love going there – I’m @ 555 Mass & it was awesome having the Mall right down the street for our runs, & the gym for weight training & relaxing in the steam room/sauna. And yes, it definitely felt like a community.

    What upsets me most about their announcement is that they only gave 7 days notice to their membership. 7 days. I want to know if the transfer membership is locked in for a year or if it is month-to-month – does anyone have that info?

    I work a block away from the Downtown location and cannot stand the atmosphere there – too much ego. I guess I have to decide in rather short order whether I can suck it up, or if I need to check out Vida. What’s the atmosphere like there to those who are current members? Thanks!

  34. 38

    beachRun says

    So after receiving the “mass email/horrible apology” that Results sent, I decided to go on my own gym shopping spree and see what I could find as an alternate to Results at City Vista.

    Here’s the recap, for all of you that are looking for options:

    – Washington Sports Club: By far the worst of the bunch. Like I have the time to WAIT for each machine while the fitness center staff stands around and refuse to enforce any time limit on the cardio equipment? I’d sooner run outside. No thank you. Plus the locker rooms smell like my niece’s tennis shoes. ick.

    – Primal Fitness/Crossfit: Was extremely welcomed by all staff, which I appreciated. However, I found that many of them seemed to be more into talking about themselves than into seeing how they could help me get started with a workout there. Attractive people, but not the environment I’m looking for.

    – VIDA Fitness: They have two locations within walking distance for me – at the Renaissance Hotel and at the Verizon Center. They seemed to have a pretty good arrangement set up for Results members who are switching. I like the environment of the Renaissance location best, as far as no overcrowding, plenty of new cardio equipment available, endless pool… but I like the group fitness at the Verizon location. I’m planning on doing their all-access membership, which seems like the best deal and I get my nice clean gym and also group fitness. I agree with dc_cleo though, can I get some feedback from current members?


  35. 39

    John says

    The email said rent was $60K a month? I can smell a lie like a fart in a car. If that was true the owners got an MBA in stupid.

  36. 40

    absoluteLY says

    FYI, Vida is including their U street (where results is now) location in their all-access pricing. I went by the location on 9th and K street today and honestly I don’t think that we are going to get a better deal anywhere else (I know, I used to work for results). Just a heads up for all considering Vida, if you join the Renaissance Hotel Vida, your enrollment fee is less and you can still go to all gym locations.

  37. 42

    Leasing Guy says

    $60K/month doesn’t sound far fetched. If the gym is 25,000 SF and the rent is $30/foot, then annual rent is $750,000, or $62,500/month.

  38. 43


    As the communications manager at Balance Gym, I’d like to pass along the following message!

    Balance Gym would like to welcome all the gym orphans from Results at Mt. Vernon Triangle to come try out our facilities for free. Bring in your contract and we’ll give you a month free at any of our three unique locations. In addition to that, if you decide you like us within that month (which we know you will) , sign up and we’ll waive the initiation fee. We’d hate for anyone have to disrupt their training, so we hope to see you soon!

  39. 46

    Vidamember says

    I’ve been at Vida for some time now. It’s awesome, but I’m worried about the additional influx of new members. Right now you rarely wait for machine, though I guess that will change and with it Vida could start getting a bad name. Sad

  40. 49

    Alex says

    I think the true problem with Results was that we were pay premium dollars for a lack of premium services. When I moved to the neighborhood from U Street, I kept my Results membership and did enjoy the newness of the location, but ultimately $72 a month was not worth the small location and odd class times. Frankly, what I think could do awesome in this area is an affordable gym (below $70) that doesn’t have all of the extra perks that most don’t need. Clean, modern and affordable is the type of gym that would give Vida (way too expensive) a good run for the money.