ANC Nominations

This month nominating petitions for Advisory Neighborhood Council (ANC) positions are available for pickup from the DC Board of Elections and Ethics (DCBOEE). As capably outlined by the Frozen Tropics blog most seats run unopposed in elections but it is very simple to get on the ballot. A potential candidate only needs to earn 25 signatures from registered voters within their Single Member Disctrict (SMD).

Thus far I’ve heard that it is very likely we’ll have two capable and experienced residents running against the incumbents in ANC6C SMDs 6C01 and 6C02. I’ll share more details when these candidates become more official and have had time to draft and distribute their introductions.

Inset of ANC 6C map focused on 6C01 and 6C02

ANC 6C01 spans most of the Triangle including the following residential buildings: City Vista, 555 Mass, 425 Mass, Sonata, Madrigal Lofts, Museum Square, and Carmel Plaza. Our current 6C01 representative, Keith Silver, lives just across New Jersey Ave in the Golden Rule Apartments.

Word is that a Yale Lofts residents may also throw their hat into the mix in ANC2C.

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    it takes a lot of time to be an ANC commissioner and it’s great to see people stepping up to community involvement. democracy is a full participation sport.

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    FourthandEye says

    The Frozentropics blog has posted the names and contact information for individuals circulating nomination petitions in 5B, 6A and 6C.

    Of particular note to residents in and near the Triangle are:

    6C 6C01 (Most of MVT)
    Marge Maceda
    475 K Street, NW #802 20001
    360-7404 8/9/2010 marge.maceda1[at]

    Keith Silver (incumbent)
    901 New Jersey Avenue, NW #410 20001
    705-7389 8/6/2010 silverk1[at]

    6C 6C02 (North edge of MVT plus Truxton Circle)
    Mark A. Dixon (incumbent)
    80 New York Avenue, NW 20001
    438-2228 8/5/2010 mdixon402[at]

    Joshua Kumpf
    203 Morgan Street, NW 20001
    455-8673 8/4/2010 josh[at]

    Rob Amos
    206 N Street, NW 20001
    494-5839 8/11/2010 robamos[at]

    6C 6C09 (PQ/Chinatown mostly east of 6th or below E)
    Kevin Wilsey
    425 8th Street, NW 20004 669-5184 8/6/2010

    6C09 Incumbent Charley Docter has not filed as of yet.