5th & K to have Capital Bikeshare Station

An expansion of bike sharing in the District will rebrand the system Capital Bikeshare and increase the number of stations from 10 to 100. Zooming in on the new proposed station map revealed by DDOT we see that the Mount Vernon Triangle is likely to have a station at 5th and K.

Other nearby stations would be at the Mount Vernon Square Metro, Union Station, Georgetown Law, the South Entrance of Judiciary Square Metro, on F Street behind the Reynolds Center and at MLK Library.

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    John Thompson says

    After pushing for this location for over a year, I think we may want to push for 1 or 2 additional stations in the Triangle. With the new Yale apartment building, Guy Steuart’s new building on L St., 425’s track record for leasing units and all the residents in the existing buildings, we have a LOT of people living in & around the Triangle.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a couple more stations in the Triangle?

    I thought 4th & Mass would be a great spot, so would 5th & Mass as well as 5th & NY Ave.

    I’d really like to see more stations in the Triangle, I think they’d be well utilized and demonstrate that our residents are big on bikes. :)

    Thoughts? Suggestions?


  2. 2

    Jason says

    I think one station is appropriate for now. We have a growing residential base as you cite JT, but many of our residents who are inclined to biking already own bikes.

  3. 3


    I agree, this is a great start but saturation is also key to it’s success. An additional location or two that can serve residents, workers and visitors would be fantastic. We do have a busy hotel ..I used a bikeshare overseas recently and it was just so enjoyable and convenient. The stations were EVERYWHERE about every 4 blocks & I could easily get a day pass with a credit card. I look forward to using this new bikeshare with my visitors.

  4. 4

    John Thompson says

    I think with 3,313 condo & apartment units* in the Triangle alone (many of which are occupied by more than 1 resident), there’s a demand for more than 1 station with 10 bikes – not to mention all the rowhome residents just across NY Ave on 5th, M & 4th Streets… :)

    *this includes the 608 units to be delivered within the next 18 mos. by the 2 new NY Ave buildings.