Outdoor Movie Night Series this August

Cary Silverman’s blog, The Other 35 Percent, has a comprehensive update on the planned movie nights for the 5th and Eye parking lot including the movie lineup and acknowledgements for all who helped make the event series come to fruition.

On each of the five Sundays in August, the Mount Vernon Triangle Community Improvement District and Asia Heritage Foundation will screen outdoor movies at the lot located at 5th and Eye Streets NW. Showtimes will be 8:30pm. Movies will be broadcast in foreign language with english subtitles. Follow the jump for the lineup.

Five Free Outdoor Movies at 5th & Eye Streets NW –

Presented by the Mount Vernon Triangle Community Improvement District and the Asia Heritage Foundation

Hero (Ying Xiong) (2004) PG-13
The Qin King has long been obsessed with conquering all of China and becoming her first Emperor, which makes him the target of three legendary assassins.  As a result, he promises great power to anyone who can defeat them. Jet Li heads the stellar cast as Nameless, the enigmatic county sheriff who earns his audience with the mighty King and stands to win mountains of gold in the process.  Zhang Yimou directs this lush, Oscar-nominated epic.
In Mandarin with English subtitles.

The Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in US presents
Cape No. 7 (Hái-kak chhit-ho) (2008) (NR)
Aga, a band singer, returns to Hengchun with frustration. Tomoko is a Japanese model assigned to organize a local warm-up band for the Japanese super star beach concert. Together with other five ordinary Hengchun residents who were not expected to be great or anything, they formed an impossible band.  Cape No 7 is the top grossing film in the Taiwan’s cinematic history, surpassing Titanic.  Part drama, part comedy, part romance, the film won over a dozen awards and was Taiwan’s official submission to the 2009 Academy Awards Foreign-Language Film category.
In Taiwanese with English subtitles.
Mandu Traditional Korean Cuisine Presents
The Host (Gwoemul) (2007) R
Chemicals dumped into the Han River in Seoul create a huge mutant creature that begins to attack the locals. When the daughter of the Park family is captured by the beast her brother and father mount a rescue operation in this horror film with a comic twist.  Recipient of Asian Film Award, Asia-Pacific Film Festival award, Baek Sang Art Awards, Blue Dragon Awards, Grand Bell Award, among others.  Please note that this movie may not be suitable for those under 17 years of age due to violence and some profanity.
In Korean with English subtitles.
Kushi Izakaya & Sushi Presents
Japan’s most famous director, the late Akira Kurosawa, captures his dreams on film in eight chromatically brilliant vignettes.  ‘Sunshine Through The Rain': a young boy is told not to go out on the day when both weather conditions occur, because that’s when the foxes hold their wedding procession. In ‘the Peach Orchard': the boy encounters the spirits of the peach trees that have been cut down by heartless humans. ‘The Blizzard': a team of mountaineers are saved from a blizzard by spiritual intervention. ‘The Tunnel': a man encounters the ghosts of an army platoon, whose deaths he was responsible for. ‘Crows': an art student encounters ‘Vincent Van Gogh’ and enters the world of his paintings. ‘Mount Fuji in Red': nuclear meltdown threatens the devastation of Japan. ‘The Weeping Demon': a portrait of a post-nuclear world populated by human mutations. ‘Village of the Watermills': a sunny portrait of a village whose population is entirely at one with nature.  Kurosawa, who created this film when he was in his eighties, had no peer when it came to splashing the screen with sumptuous colors and awesome images.  Nominated for Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film.
In Japanese with English subtitles

Lage Raho Munna Bhai

(Munnabhai Meets Mahatma Gandhi) (2006) PG

A hilarious underworld gangster known as Munna Bhai falls comically in love with a radio host by the name of Jahnvi, who runs an elders’ home, which is taken over by an unscrupulous builder, who gets the residents kicked out ironically with the help of Munna’s sidekick, Circuit, while Munna is busy romancing Jahnvi elsewhere. Munna, who is now masquerading as a Professor specializing in the life of Mahatma Gandhi, must now battle his very own forces and the builder – but he has one ally on his side – none other than the great man – Mahatma Gandhi himself.  Only trouble is that Munna may have problems convincing everyone about this presence – as he is apparently is the only one who can see and hear him.
In Hindi with English subtitles.

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