Save the Tree Symbolic Photo

ANC Commissioner Silver is organizing a “Symbolic Photo” on Tuesday June 29th from noon to 12:15pm at the corner of 4th and I NW for the Save the Tree effort. For the full memo from Silver follow the “Read More” link.

From Commissioner Silver:

Dear Friend and Supporter of “Save the Historic Tree at 4th and Eye St NW”

Thank you very much, you have in some way expressed to me or I know first hand of your commitment and great love for our great city .

I contact you because a couple local newspapers have contacted me and are committed to give us a little visibility. Which at this juncture I think is great.

So accordingly, Please accept this kind “Invitation to Join other Supporters” who can adjust their schedules …

for a SAVE THE TREE at 4th and EYE STS. NW. “Symbolic Photo” ON TUESDAY, JUNE 29th, PROMPTLY FROM 12 NOON TO 12:15 PM

Symbolic Photo will take place in front of the Historic Tree

a few previously stated reasons of the importance of this Historic Tree are listed attached, or quite frankly …you may have your own, one supporter bought up the very important overlooked reason …if nothing else it provides additional needed shade.

Whatever your reason of support, may be… please consider showing up and bring your friends… during this 15 minute span, at the above date and time, some are committed to start assembling at 11:30 am to give us all a brief fellowship moment… prior to photo to exchange ideas collectively, or take your own approach… to saving the tree is most welcome. THIS MOST CERTAINLY IS A COLLECTIVE COMMUNITY PROCESS!!

In closing, if you can go the extra mile, “I have attached our Signature Petition Flyer” for your purposes, if you may know a couple people in your building or our job, where ever, who may not be able to attend, but can join in for the cause that way. You can forward them to me or bring them with you on Tuesday, to the Symbolic Photo

Finally, they haven’t given us much time to organize and mobilize we were only granted the ridiculous 15 day window, that now has clicked down to 10 days or so . The only remaining strategy we have before us that comes to the forefront of my mind… to quote our Washington DC 1st Congressman Walter E. Fauntroy one of his favorite sayings throughout his continued service to this city, was and is:

“….if .everyone can do a little …then nobody has to do a lot.” WEF

Seems that still makes a lot of sense to me.

Best Wishes to everyone. Looking forward to seeing you and your friends on TUESDAY, JUNE 29th PROMPTLY FROM 12 noon to 12:15 pm Whether you bring a Petition or not, you are more than welcomed.

Keith Silver
ANC Commissioner 6C-01

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