Google Maps oddities

I’ve wondered for awhile why Google Maps labels two of our Mount Vernon Triangle parking lots as Takoma Playground and Seaton Playground. It seems Google is now labeling the Marc Parc Parking lot on K Street between 5th and 6th as “National Rehabilitation Hospital”.

Screen print from Google Maps; Click to enlarge

Notce 'Seaton Playground'; Click to enlarge

This week my employer is hosting vendors that are pitching their Geospatial data services to us as a response to an RFI. The vendor that presented on Monday said “Google maps may be sufficient for limited business uses but an emergency responder would never use them.” Seeing hospitals that don’t exist on the Google map really hits that point home…

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    Steven says

    I think Google might try to automatically generate some of those from data that its search engine collects and user-submitted data. The problem is when it collects incomplete or inaccurate addresses, leading to items being placed nowhere near where they actually are.

    I try to move the markers when I see that they’re inaccurate or report problems. I imagine they have a system to prevent abuse of that. It’s possible that not all changes get reviewed, which means they might never show up.

    For example, if you click the marker for that hospital, you’ll see the address is just “K St”. Oops! Apparently they have an office a 2021 K St NW:

    Though the main hospital is at 102 Irving St NW. I re-submitted the listing with the Irving St NW address, and Google claims it will be made public after it’s reviewed.

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    the problem stems from google taking their mapping in-house and not buying their data from groups like navteq anymore. google just doesn’t have that reliable of data anymore.