Durkl Block Party on May 30

If you can’t be at the beach what’s a better way to celebrate Memorial Day weekend than a block party? DURKL will be throwing an outdoor bash on Sunday May 30th from 11am-7pm in the parking lot at 452 K Street (behind the under-renovation office building). Several food trucks will be in attendance including Fojol Brothers and Sweetflow. Grills will be on site for those who BYOF and the party will have a variety of games including Bocce and Cornhole. The lineup of DJs and performers is on the flyer below.

For more information visit the event page on Facebook.

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  1. 1

    Chris 555 Mass Ave says

    Interesting. I heard a rumor they didn’t get a permit from the city for this. . . . .

  2. 2

    FourthandEye says

    The impression I got from last week’s MVT CID Marketing Committee Meeting is that Durkl does have the required permit.

    The issue was that the future operator of the 5th & I Parking lot, which is city land, did not have authority to lease the lot for events per the terms in their agreement with the city. Hence the move by Durkl to a K Street lot.

  3. 3

    Trianglist says

    I’m confused. Is this a concert with bands? A DJ dance party? Some combination? What exactly is this event? How many people are coming? The flyer implies a concert?

  4. 4

    John Thompson says

    I cannot WAIT for this event!! So happy to see DURKL getting involved & having a presence in MVT. This is bound to be a great hit & I hope to see more & more of this sort of thing in MVT. Hip, fun, great food & terrific music. MVT is getting better & better by the day. To all the DURKL crew, well done & keep the momentum going!

  5. 6

    Trianglist says

    I thought it was supposed to end at 7 p.m. Can we have some peace? The bass is still blaring in my condo.

  6. 7

    Bruce says

    Sorry, Trianglist. I can’t hear it from my condo, but I walked by the party early this afternoon and can understand why you’re being tortured. What I heard was definitely loud and annoying, and arguably doesn’t qualify as music. This isn’t the kind of community event that gives me the warm and fuzzies.

  7. 8

    Trianglist says

    It vibrated my condo floor at one point and bass woke me from an afternoon nap. I tried to be patient but after 5 hours, I couldn’t take it much more. I think that the party could have happened with less volume and they still could have enjoyed it. Let’s not do this again.

  8. 9

    MVT says

    Curious what people thought about the actual event (obviously it was noisy for some residents!) — we walked through around 5pm and found it pretty meh. Only one food cart (Sauca) and, call me crazy, but if Durkl is sponsoring a block party, wouldn’t they want to be selling their own clothes? I thought it was disappointing but maybe it’s just not my speed. Other reactions?

  9. 10

    Tony says

    I think it also should have actually been in the street. Not sure which street (perhaps I street, which is generally quiet on the weekends), but in the street, nonetheless. I am not really drawn to any event in any of these blighted parking lots in our neighborhood, which need buildings on top of them and pronto!

  10. 11

    FourthandEye says

    @MVT – The Durkl shirts were for sale inside the storefront at 443 I Street. The event on Sunday did have multiple food trucks. Sauca was the most visible to passersby as they took space along the curb on K Street. The other trucks were close to the rear of the parking lot. I ordered Buttered Chicken from Fojol Brothers around 2pm. I took my food back to my condo. The music was in my opinion simply deafeningly loud rather than anything I could enjoy. I’ve attended heavy metal concerts where the music wasn’t nearly as loud…

    @Tony – Durkl originally envisioned a block party on Eye Street in front of their store. Permitting for an event on a private parking lot proved much less of a hassle.

  11. 12

    MVTer says

    Perhaps the 555 folks got the brunt of it. Our internal web site has several complaints about the volume of the music. Originally, they were going to have the party in the 5th and Eye lot which would have been even worse for us. If the volumes had been kept at reasonable levels, I think more parties could be supported going forward. But given what the folks in our building’s 5th Street side had to endure for the entire day, I think this event did more damage than good. And don’t events of this nature have to go through the ANC process? What happened to community input?

  12. 13

    SVA 555 says

    The music was ridiculously loud! I could hear it through my closed windows and even with my TV on (I live at 555)! If they hold an event like this again they should NOT be allowed to have deafening music playing – it’s completely disrespectful to the residents that want no part in the “block party”.

  13. 14

    FourthandEye says

    @MVTer – momentarily setting aside the issue about whether this was a good/bad event for the neighborhood, under what criteria do you feel ANC approval should have been necessary? The one day event didn’t use public space, didn’t sell alcohol, and was open to the public without charging any admission.

    The ANC is an organization that isn’t remarkably efficient. They only meet once per month which is incredibly cumbersome. I don’t think it’s good government to funnel everything under the sun through them.

    Now if people think DCRA rubberstamped this event too easily that’s an interesting discussion point. But I don’t think more influence to the ANC is the answer to everything.

  14. 15

    MVTer says

    If it is open to the public and has to get an event permit, then it should have some sort of approvals that include the concerns of the community. They had amplified music and were hoping to draw hundreds of people. That alone should have triggered something.

    Or — we need to define what types of events can occur on these parking lots. Are they parking spots or event spaces for anyone’s use? The fact that they were allowed to blast the neighborhood for 8 hours simply must be addressed in some way.

    What do you suggest?

  15. 16

    FourthandEye says

    There are plenty of events that happen a few blocks south of Mass that are public, draw a hundred or more people, involve amplified music/audio yet never end up on the ANC agendas. This includes the Asian Street Fair from mid-may, a few events the Chinese Benevolent association hold on Chinatown Park, the annual event the Shakespeare Theater holds on the NBM lawn, and many more. These organizations successfully run their events without being a nuisance. I would hate to see more red tape, especially anything involving the ANC, around permitting for the broad spectrum of events just so residents have more leverage when the rare outdoor DJ party is planned.

    Any regulation intended to mitigate the concerns of noise pollution should be targeted directly on that noise pollution rather than just events in general. The top end decibel levels and the rules around how they are measured are probably what needs to be changed. I know the DNA had tried to push for that in the past.

  16. 17

    John Thompson says

    I was there all day & had a wonderful time! The music/DJ line up was great & I had amazing food from every vendor. Everyone that was there really seemed to be having a wonderful time – there were young people, old people & people in between. Even my neighbor rolled over in her wheelchair with her father & his walker, they sat under my tent, ate some food, enjoyed the music & the peoplewatching. I hope they do it again & that more food vendors attend. In addition, there needs to be more shade, the sun was pretty brutal (which is why I ran to ACE & bought the tent.) :) One suggestion for future events (and I hope there are many), as much fun as I had, the music could’ve been taken down a notch or two.

    It was a terrific block party & I can’t WAIT for the next one where they can implement lessons learned & improve even more on this terrific community event. Many thanks to DURKL for putting this on.

  17. 18

    DURKL says

    Thanks to all of you who came out to the first DURKL Block Party, it was a lot of fun and we learned a lot.

    Sorry to those of you who were offended, not impressed, annoyed, or anything else in between…that was not our intention.

    ever since we moved into the Mt. Vernon Triangle area 1 year ago we wanted to help contribute to its renewal. we decided 6 months ago we wanted to start an event that would help give back to the local business’s and residents that welcomed us with open arms.

    the initial idea for the DURKL Block Party was to offer people in the community and DC as a whole, a location and date where we could all come together. we purposely did not provide any info other than a date, an address, and a local DJ lineup. the party was not about our business, thats why we did not have anything for sale, it was not about food vending, thats why there weren’t dozens of trucks, and it wasn’t about sponsors, thats why there weren’t tons of banners and a big budget.

    The DURKL Block Party was about the neighborhood, the people, the business’s, and DC as a whole coming together, period. we have heard from our neighbors that they had a great time, we have heard from local business’s that they did great business that day, but we have also heard some complaints.

    we would love to hear what you all thought…what you liked, what you didnt like, all and any feedback you have helps us. email me.


  18. 19

    Ryu says

    555’er here. Didn’t go and didn’t have a desire to. But props to DURKL for making an investment in the community. I think it’s great.

    To the people who complained about the noise – you certainly have every right to do so. But give the guys a break. This is a once-a-year event on a Sunday afternoon and it was their first attempt.

    And to the comments like, “arguably doesn’t qualify as music” and “woke me from my afternoon nap”….seriously? I thought I lived in a relatively young neighborhood.

  19. 20


    if a block party is truly to be a community event then it needs to cater to the whole community (neighborhood) which equates to entertaining all ages and all comers who live in the area. I stopped by at 5 pm and the party was waning so I may have missed the real action but I saw elements that appealed to kids and to young adults but not much was there for older adults or seniors. IMHO, a community is represented by the larger community north of NY Ave *and* south of NY Ave and not just the patrons of DURKL. I do appreciate DURKL’s fashion forward small/medium enterprise sensibilities (heck, I have a Spy cap myself), personally dug the music, appreciated the skaters and the urban grit of the affair but my surface takeaway is that there is room for improvement if this is truly to be a community (i.e. neighborhood) event.