DC Lofty

DC Lofty has reached leasing arrangements on the historic 3-story 4,500 Sqft property at 301 Eye Street NW. The company offers safe, affordable, and luxury housing option for interns, international and local students in a dorm-style bedroom setting. The initial location of DC Lofty opened at 1333 11th St NW.

301 Eye Street NW

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    Bruce says

    The Madrigal Lofts sales office is advising that the parking lot adjacent to this site is going to be developed into an office and retail space called “Church Square.” The artist’s conception in the sales office shows a very nice fountain and looks beautiful. I had assumed that 301 Eye would be torn down as part of the development process, but I guess that’s not the plan.

  2. 2

    FourthandEye says

    301 Eye will not be torn down – it’s a historically protected structure. The fountain would be placed where the old Sales trailer is. I published the updated rendering of the developer’s Master Plan for “Mount Vernon Place” last September.

  3. 3


    When I bought in Madrigal Lofts, Matt Ford the sales agent told me that the historic building was going to be a cafe. So much for truth in advertising. I was hoping the consistency of having a business in the building would help with the homeless people sleeping on the building’s fire escapes, and the hookers working 3rd and I Street.

  4. 5

    FourthandEye says

    @KP – the K Street office buildings are probably more than 2-3 years out for groundbreaking. Lead tenants have to be identified for the buildings before they can be financed. So many buildings were built on spec (no tenant) during the bubble in NoMa and the Capitol Riverfront as lending was lax. It would seem more of that spec inventory needs to be worked off before serious interest arises in constructing these K Street office buildings.

    @Scott – Matt told me the entire ground floor plate of the DuMont would be retail. Unfortunately there was a lot of fantastic garbage interwoven in with all of Matt’s information about the neighborhood. I would recommend to everyone not to cling too firmly on to anything Matt told you about Mount Vernon Triangle. Especially about retail…

  5. 6


    I keep hearing over & over about so many tall tales rumors these condo sales agents are telling prospective buyers. Don’t believe them! Do your research, check this blog, check the mvsna blog, ask the neighbors.