5th and Mass update

The pallets of brick sitting at the 5th and Mass intersection likely indicate that DDOT plans to soon provide a permanent improvement to the pedestrian islands.

Last July the 5th and Mass pedestrian refuges were increased solely with a striped paint approach. That modification was ignored by cars who didn’t abide by the new traffic pattern until Mid August when physical barriers, in the form of orange barrels and cones, were installed. The orange barrels were necessary in the short term to mitigate the safety issue however they are a bit of an eyesore and we will all appreciate when the streetscape is upgraded and they are no longer needed.

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    I also noticed the crew installing brick sidewalks on 5th between H & I. So nice DDOT is really working our end of town! Maybe if they do expand the islands we can investigate putting planters with something pretty yet low maintenance.

  2. 2

    John Thompson says

    I spoke with Ali at DDOT (& Patricia Zingsheim at the Office of Planning moments ago. Patricia’s very concerned as well, as bricking it up & pouring the foundation for this island is not consistant with OP’s intent to add landscaping to this parcel for MVTs green spaces. Both Ali & Patricia have committed to calling me back ASAP so time, money & resources are not wasted.

    I hope that they work on this island and there’s no time like the present, let’s just be sure they’re big-picture, long-term, permanent solutions that will compliment OPs design for the Mount Vernon Square neighborhood. Brick pavers are great, but don’t forget to generously landscape this space (it’s huge and a giant brick desert isn’t the answer). This is supposed to be a gateway to the MV Square neighborhood, so I’m optimistic that we caught this before it’s too late. My hope is that DDOT will work with the Office of Planning to be sure to plan for any design elements, signage, lighting, kiosks, etc. that the OP plans to incorporate into the overall, long-term design.

    All that said, I have to give a “shout out” to DDOT for doing an AMAZING job in their efforts to improve our neighborhood. I really appreciate it, fourth street looks OUTSTANDING! :) I hope they have plans to tackle the sidewalks on 5th & 6th between I & K as well as both sides of K from 4th to 7th (except for the work already done in front of City Vista, of course).

  3. 3

    John Thompson says

    Maybe this is just brick for the sidewalk & not the island? Hope so..

    If my calls sounded a false alarm, maybe we’ll be lucky & it’ll spark work on these islands. If not, is anyone up for some guerrilla gardening???? I’m not joking, BTW…

  4. 4

    FP says

    the pallet of bricks is gone from that area. could it have been used for the streetscape improvement down on 5th street instead? i’ve never understood what DDOT was trying to accomplish at that intersection.

    first they made a full crosswalk from the island to mass ave in front of the meridian. then they erased that crosswalk and took away one lane of traffic as some kind of pedestrian area, which doesn’t cross the street. it seems to be the worst of both worlds. traffic now has a harder time turning left onto 5th st from mass ave, and pedestrians still have to dodge traffic to cross from the island to mass, over eye.

    i personally liked the original crosswalk idea.

  5. 5

    FourthandEye says

    @FP – I walked by again on Wednesday night. The bricks were still there.